May 23, 2011

Romantic Blue by SLC (60L weekends)

Adorei este lançamento lindo e baratinho da SLC. As peças são fofas e as texturas são muito bem feitas. O conjunto todo, incluindo a roupa, sapatilhas, colar e duas bolsas (pra anexar na mão ou ombro) sai por apenas L$60. Incrível né? Simplesmente fofo, look ideal pra usar no dia a dia *.* Ah, é do 60L weekends, mas ainda tá na loja. Melhor correr que não vai ficar muito tempo lá não!
I love this new realease from SLC, cheap and pretty! Everything in the look is cute and the textures are very well made. The hole set including the outfit, shoes, necklace and two bags (for hand and for shoulder) is only L$60. Incredible, isn't it? Simply cute, the ideal look to wear everyday *.* Oh, it's from the 60L weekends, but it's still in the store, so hurry because it wont' last long!
Outfit (acessorios inclusos / accessories included) - SLC for 60L weekends - L$60
Poses - Juxtapose (Still Breathing) NEW!

Outros / Others:
Skin - AL Vulo! [elena] sunkissed NEW!
Hair - Analog Dog (Shea)

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