Jun 28, 2016

Pool Party II

Head: .tsg. Yui Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dune *NEW* @Uber
Headband: .tsg. Daisy Headband *NEW* @The Arcade
Camera: .tsg. Waterproof Camera *NEW* @The Arcade
Bikini: darkendStare. high waist bikini [seafoam striped] *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Pose Prop: Kirin - Cool for the summer Seafoam *NEW* @Summerfest

Pool: DaD DESIGN "Double Roman Swimming Pool"
[Toiz] parasol set pink *NEW* @The Project Seven (SOON! Opens June 30th)
  • [Toiz] parasol (pink)
  • [Toiz] Stripe Lounge chair (Pink)
*FG* Watermelon #03 Drink Dispenser -3 Hamster Friendly -EN
MishMish - Pygmy Hippo
  • MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 7 - Play
  • MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 8 - Brave Hippo
  • MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 11 - Chillin'
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua
  • +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Beanbag Thief RARE 
  • +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Donut Floatie
  • +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Sunkissed Dreams RARE 
Mad Hot Summer Party - Party Table *NEW* @The Arcade
[LJ] Surfy Snacks *NEW* @The Arcade
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Sno-Cone Machine (blue)
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Snow-Cone Syrups (blue)

Jun 27, 2016

Lost & Forgotten

Head: VCO ~ Mary Mesh Head _ Milk {008} *NEW* @The Arcade
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Grecia *NEW*
Horns: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Ram} horns ivory b 
Stole: NOMAD // 03 // Sir Fox Stole (Add me)
Choker: LUXE. Wrapped Up Choker *NEW* @Kustom9
Crown: Violent Seduction - Valkyrie Crown (Black)
Dress: Violent Seduction - Risa LARA (Black) *NEW* @Kustom9
Shoes: Momento. lace up heels RARE Maitreya *NEW* @Kustom9

House: Scarlet Creative House on the Cliff
Rug: 5.DRD MB rug round red c/m
Curtain: 5. DRD MB curtain c/m
Fireplace: 35.DRD MB Beast's fireplace c/m
Sidetable: 21.DRD MB sidetable dark wood c/m
Chair: [Jammin] Scholar's Chair RARE
32.DRD MB enchanted rose c/m
Dog: Sweet Thing. & darkendStare . The Princess Hellpup Plopped
Kitty: Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Bette and Dot - Black Decor
NOMAD // RARE C // Vaudeville Vending Machine RARE
NOMAD // RARE A // Ventriloquist Dummy RARE

Fancy DecorFancy Decor – The Phantoms Opera *NEW* @The Arcade
  • 10 Fancy Decor: Antique Opera Poster
  • 02 Fancy Decor: Arm Sconce RARE
  • 04 Fancy Decor: Floor Candelabra (gold)
  • 07 Fancy Decor: Monkey Music Box
Schadenfreude Spot Cerberus Baby *NEW* @The Arcade

.random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten *NEW* @The Arcade
  • .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Broken Chair [Brown]
  • .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Chair [White/Red]
  • .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Frames
  • .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Telescope [Silver]
  • .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Gramophone - RARE
  • .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Birdcage [Bronze]
David Heather – New Antique *NEW* @The Arcade
  • -David Heather-Travel Chess
  • -David Heather-Wine Phone
  • -David Heather-Floral Music Box
  • -David Heather-Gramaphone Dock

Sweets For The Sweet

Head: CATWA Jessica
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Mei Skin - Porcelain tone *NEW* @SaNaRae
Hair: Lovey Dovey :: Angelica gacha
Headband: Pink Acid Kitty Boo Boo Perfectly Plastic Headband Pink *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Dress: ALTAIR* ky seifuku RARE 1 -maitreya (exp)- gacha *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Icecream (right): +Half-Deer+ Catty Creamery Ice Cream - Unikitty RARE gacha
Icecream (left): something. EAT ME! - RARE 02 gacha

+Half-Deer+ Ice Cream Garland Lights [Berry Cream] *NEW* @Summerfest
+Half-Deer+ Breezy Ceiling Fan - Candy Pink *NEW* @Collabor88
8f8 - 32. Vintage Ice Cream Machine gacha

On counter:
+Half-Deer+ Country Spring Counter Table - Floral
+Half-Deer+ Cutie Cash Register - Strawberry
+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet - Glass Display Case RARE gacha
+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet - Macaron Stand gacha

On Shelves:
+Half-Deer+ Rustic Painted Shelf - White (White Bracket)
+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Neko Donut Display RARE  *NEW* @The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Neko Donut Platter RARE  *NEW* @The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet - Group of Macarons gacha
+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet - Cake Stand - Flowers gacha
tarte. lemon cake  *NEW* @The Arcade
tarte. cake pops  *NEW* @The Arcade

On table:
+Half-Deer+ Cat Lady Garden Table - White
+Half-Deer+ Cat Lady Garden Chair - Shabby Chic
+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Rainbow Heaven Cake  *NEW* @The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Candy Kitty Parfait RARE  *NEW* @The Arcade

Jun 26, 2016

Be Good To Yourself

Head: .tsg. Yui Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Loni *NEW* @ The Fantasy Collective
Outfit: DAMI good mornig set W1 gacha *NEW* @Shiny Shabby
Toothbrush (on mouth): DAMI bear toothbrush gacha *NEW* @Shiny Shabby
Kit on hand: DAMI brushing set pink gacha *NEW* @Shiny Shabby

Hammies: MishMish - Hammies in the Bathroom gacha
  • MishMish - Hammie & Liquid Soap
  • MishMish - Hammie & Toilet Paper
  • MishMish - Hammie & Toothpaste
  • MishMish - Hammie & Makeup RARE

Jun 25, 2016

Tropical Colors

SKIN: .tsg. Rei Skin C Tone
LIPS: .tsg. Rei Mesh Lips C Tone Gap
EYES: .tsg. Lumenis
HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Velma *NEW* @Vintage Fair
HEADPIECE: Astralia - Aloha headpiece @Tropical Summer Fair
NECKLACE: Astralia - Fenicottero necklace with color HUD
ROMPER: Tee*fy Giselle Romper - FittedMesh - White
SANDALS: fri. - Olivia.Sandals (Tan)
DRINK: *Tentacio* Relaxation Vacation. Coconut Drink *NEW* @The Arcade
TOUCAN: MishMish - Toco Toucan (wear LHand) *NEW* @Summerfest

Ariskea[Paradise] *NEW* @The Arcade
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Gold Table
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Hanger Chair [Single Version]
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Tropical Plant
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Stone Polish owl [Soil] Reward
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Stone Polish owl [Jade] Reward
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Plant Cactus 1
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Ground Lamp [1]
  • Ariskea[Paradise] Sheer Curtain[1][2]
Mad Hot Summer Party - Fruit Boat *NEW* @The Arcade
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Watermelon Platter *NEW* @The Arcade
*Frangipani Garden* Watermelon Party {Drink Dispenser Set}
  • *FG* Watermelon #01 Drink Dispenser -1 Hamster Friendly -EN
  • *FG* Watermelon #12 Flowers on Plates
  • *FG* Watermelon #10 Drink Cup -4 Green

Jun 23, 2016

Lover's Nest

Head: VCO ~ Mary Mesh Head {001} *NEW* @The Arcade
Hair: [e] Brielle
Crown: =Zenith=Rose crown gacha
Outfit: Sweet Thing. Little Ballerina Set *NEW* @The Arcade
Wand: =Zenith=Lolita Magic Unicorn Ward (Rose) - Exclusive gacha

DRD lovers nest *NEW* @The Arcade
  • DRD LN Lovers nest cottage
  • 7.DRD LN couch
  • DRD LN cabinet 
  • DRD LN sidetable 
  • DRD LN teaset decor 
  • DRD LN Birdcage light decor 
-tres blah- Pampered - Macarons *NEW* @The Arcade
[ zerkalo ] True Love - Large Mannequin - RARE gacha
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Flower Box gacha
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Candy Box (open) gacha
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Love Letters gacha
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Keeper of Trinkets RARE gacha
JIAN :: Floofy Felines Blogger Static - Wag L gacha

Jun 21, 2016

Pool Party!

HEAD: .tsg. Tsu Mesh Head A Tone
HAIR: [DUE] Yifei gacha *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
GLASSES: {Imeka} Heart Sunglasses {10} *NEW* @The Arcade
LOLLIPOP: {Imeka} Ice Candy {2} *NEW* @The Arcade
CAMERA: Ninety - instax camera Sweet *NEW* @Kustom9
JUICE: {Imeka} Magic juice - color 1 gacha
TOP: { V I N C U E } Limy+Top - Sweet FP *NEW* @Kustom9
PANTIES: ALTAIR* freya bikini - panty .angelic.
HAT: +Half-Deer+ Summer Delights - Octomint gacha
POSE: {Imeka} Sits 06

Pool: Madpea - Mad Hot Summer Party - Pool *NEW* @The Arcade
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Sno-Cone Machine (blue) *NEW* @The Arcade
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Snow-Cone Syrups (blue) *NEW* @The Arcade
Icecreams: sue cream. Yummy Ice Gacha *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua *NEW* @The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Stripey Floatie
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Donut Floatie
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Lay Down
MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 11 - Chillin' gacha
[Toiz] pastel fence gacha
[Toiz] satellite dish gacha
[Toiz] surfboards gacha

Jun 20, 2016

Seaside Bar

The Hakuna Beach Bar is a fully interactive, detailed with modern colors and tiki styled at the same time and the swings add a delightful feature to this bar. Available in PG version with lots of animations for couples in love and Adult version, with hot and spice poses!
SKIN: .tsg. Rei Skin B Tone
LIPS: .tsg. Rei Mesh Lips B Tone Gap
GLASSES: {Imeka} Heart Sunglasses {10} *NEW* @The Arcade
BIKINI: { V I N C U E } Roofy+Suit - Bitter FP *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
BAG: . Quirky . - Ariel Bag - Blush
SANDALS: .::Cubic Cherry::. {Daisy} geta white wood *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
PINEAPLE: MishMish - Dancing Pineapple (pink)
POPSICLE: Quirky - Bearsicle Pops - Bearasus RARE *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
ICECREAM W/ POSE: {Imeka} Ice Cream Poses FREE {Group Gift}

Bar: CHEZ MOI - Hakuna Bar *NEW* @Tres Chic
Puppies: JIAN Beach Corgis *NEW* @The Arcade
  • JIAN Beach Corgis :: Drink Cooler RARE
  • JIAN Beach Corgis :: Swim Trunks Companion RARE
  • JIAN Beach Corgis :: Wanderer (Red)
Amala - Happy Camper Gacha *NEW* @The Arcade
  • Amala - Drinks Cooler - Red
  • Amala - The Guitar - Brown - Wear Me
Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation *NEW* @The Arcade
  • Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation - Palette Table
  • Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation - Buckets of Candles
Hippo: MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 3 - Selfie gacha
Ariskea[Paradise] Tropical Plant *NEW* @The Arcade
Ariskea[Paradise] Plant Cactus 1 *NEW* @The Arcade
MishMish - Pineapple Juice Dispenser (yellow)
Madpea - Mad Hot Summer Party - Fruit Boat *NEW* @The Arcade
[Lost Junction] Surfy Snacks *NEW* @The Arcade
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Watermelon Platter
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Hawaiian Kebabs Tray
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Lemon Starfish Cookies Tray

Sing a Song

Head: .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: Moon. In Bloom Gacha - Sappy Hair RARE *NEW* @The Arcade
MoonAmore+CURELESS / REWARD / SweetCarouselHeadress *NEW* @The Arcade
MoonAmore+CURELESS /FairyKeiEnsemble /Melty Teal *NEW* @The Arcade
Shoes: Momento. Star Gladiator Platforms Maitreya Mint

<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Band *NEW* @The Arcade
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Band Clump (REWARD)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bubble Bear Keyboard
<:*BoOgErS*:> DJ Sir Round Sound RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bubble Bear Keytar
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bubble Amp
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bubble Bear Singer
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bubble Bear Guitar
<:*BoOgErS*:> DJ Fancy Dance RARE
(NO) Blue Suede Collar *NEW* @The Arcade
NOMAD // Retrowave "SO RAD" Wall Decor *NEW* @The Arcade

Jun 19, 2016

Having A Sand-Sational Time

HEAD: .tsg. Aya Mesh Head A Tone
HAIR: [LCKY] Serena // Fatpack *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
HEADPHONE: Evermore. Kawaii Cream Headphones (Strawberry-Mint) *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
GLASSES: .tsg. Smooch Shades - Pink [Brown Lens]
NECKLACE: -Nomi-Dessert Lolita-Berry ice cream
CHOKER: .tsg. Unicute Charm Necklace - Rainbow
CAMERA: Ninety - instax camera Sweet *NEW* @Kustom9
ICECREAM: sue cream. Yummy Ice Gacha - RARE 1 *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
TOP: ALTAIR* freya bikini - top .angelic.
SKIRT: Sweet Thing. Beach Skirt Coverup (Maitreya) *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
SANDALS: fri. - Polly.Sandals (Cloud) - Maitreya *NEW* @Kustom9

Shar Pei Puppy: [Black Bantam] Shar Pei Puppy Cream Female gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
Puppy on Ball: +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Beachballin' *NEW* @The Arcade
Radio: Ninety - My radio Sweet *NEW* @Kustom9
Icecream: +Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Candy Kitty Parfait RARE *NEW* @The Arcade
Pinata: * ~silentsparrow~ Pinata! - Unicorn *NEW* @The Arcade
Sweet Thing. Beach Bum gacha *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
  • Sweet Thing. Peach Starfish (c/m)
  • Sweet Thing. Violet Starfish (c/m)
  • Sweet Thing. Kitty Beach Umbrella - Pink (c/m)
  • Sweet Thing. Beach Clutter - Pale (c/m)
  • Sweet Thing. Beach Towel - Love Dream Create (c/m)
  • Sweet Thing. Fuchsia Starfish (c/m)
+Half-Deer+ Drift With Me - Driftwood Seat - Light Painted

Moon Child

Head: .tsg. Runa Mesh Head X Tone
Hair: nani x miwa - Usagi.Hair 001 RARE *NEW* @Gami Gacha
Choker: miwa x nani - Sailor Chocker  *NEW* @Gami Gacha
Earrings: miwa x nani - Sailor Earring  *NEW* @Gami Gacha
Hair Pin: miwa x nani - Sailor Hair Pin  *NEW* @Gami Gacha
Wand: miwa x nani - Sailor Wand RARE  *NEW* @Gami Gacha
Dress: ALTAIR* cutie seifuku .maitreya exp. RARE 1  *NEW* @Gami Gacha
Kitty: darkendStare. The Cattening - Cling (All Colors) RARE
Icecream: 2PM. Hello bunny / RARE

Tree: +Half-Deer+ Starglitter Tree II - Sugar White
Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Watchful x
Grass by HPMD

Jun 15, 2016

Secret Garden

Hat: .tsg. Rattan Hat
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sango hair-Fatpack *NEW* @SaNaRae
Top: The Secret Store - Emma Set - Top - Camel Saki @Collabor88
Shorts: The Secret Store - Emma Set - Shorts - Camel Saki @Collabor88
Shoes: fri. - Jenny.Sandals (Cocoa) *NEW* @Vintage Fair
Bag: =Zenith=Spring Picnic Rattan Basket B (Light) gacha

[Black Bantam] Secret Garden *NEW* @The Arcade
  • [Black Bantam] Broken Wooden Garden Flower Funghi Basket
  • [Black Bantam] Broken Wooden Garden Flower Basket Assorted
  • [Black Bantam] Driftwood Horse ALL Colors Menu RARE
  • [Black Bantam] Invisible Secret Garden Gate
  • [Black Bantam] Ivy Covered Watering Can
  • [Black Bantam] Standard Standing Female Poodle Black RARE
  • [Black Bantam] Springtime Pumpkin Ivy Garden Chair Brown
  • [Black Bantam] Ivy Candlebra
*HEXtraordinary* Pegasus Ponies *NEW* @The Arcade
  • *HEXtraordinary* Chestnut Pegasus Pony (Companion)
  • *HEXtraordinary* Chestnut Pegasus Pony (Nesting) - RARE
dust bunny . wanderlust . ivy apothecary cabinet *NEW* @The Arcade
(NO) Quirky Face Pot - Paul gacha
(NO) Quirky Face Pot - Mia gacha
Sway's [Ursula] Vertical Garden Bench . Oak / PG
Mutresse - Amused - Garden Lady Gnomes gacha
Kalopsia - Heart Table
Kalopsia - Cups on the floor
Kalopsia - Topiary
Kalopsia - Fancy Gazebo

Jun 14, 2016

The call of the Sea

Skin & Lips: {more more}
Hair: Blues. Qadira *NEW* @The Chapter 4 50% off!
Headpiece: Astralia - The call of the Sea headpiece *NEW* @We<3RolePlay
Earrings: Astralia - Sailing away earrings *NEW* @TLC
Bubbles: Astralia - The fish in the bubble *NEW* @The Chapter 4
Necklace: Sweet Thing.  Mermaid Song Necklace

Bottle: {anc} bloom / bottle fish [salmon pink] 2Li

Jun 13, 2016

Fashion Office

Hair: *PH* 8137 (w/bow) *NEW* @SaNaRae
Dress: :Moon Amore: Emilie Dress *NEW* @Collabor88
Dog: [Black Bantam] Diva Dog Shih Tzu - Brown RARE
Clutch: Pink Acid Letter For Santa Envelope Clutch - Ice
Necklace: ^^Swallow^^ Luxury Necklace
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Luxury Earrings

Le Primitif - Fashion Office *NEW* @The Arcade
  • LeP -  Standing Designer_Shelf - RARE
  • LeP - Stenciled_Mannequin
  • LeP - Ottomon
  • LeP - Review_Packages
  • LeP - Fashion_Books
  • LeP - Aesthetic_Moodboard
  • LeP - Kiti_Cappuccino
  • LeP - Charging_Phone
  • LeP -  Blogger_PC
  • LeP - Office_Desk
  • LeP - Hanging_Hat - Wool
  • LeP - Hanging_Hat - Boater
[BunBun] DayDream - Planners (EXCLUSIVE)
[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Hatboxes/5pose

Jun 5, 2016

Hot Mafia

Head: CATWA Jessica
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Skin applier - Porcelain - Molly RARE 
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fenella *NEW* @Uber
Choker: .random.Matter. - Sarrah Choker - Gold
Boysuit / Amunition / Belt : Fawny - Hot Mafia *NEW* @The Arcade
Blood Marks: Fawny - Hot Mafia - Tattoo 12, 17 *NEW* @The Arcade

Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gaby Skin Peach tone
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Elira *NEW* @Uber
Jumpsuit: =Zenith=Vintage Jumpersuit (Black B)-Maitreya

*NOTE: Fenella and Elira hair also come with no hat versions.

Hoverbike: AITUI - Wearable Hoverbike - Red6 *NEW* @The Arcade
Kitties: MishMish - The Shadow Spy
  • MishMish - The Shadow Spy - Incognito!
  • MishMish - The Shadow Spy - Cat food
  • MishMish - The Shadow Spy - Pose A
  • MishMish - The Shadow Spy - Pose B
  • MishMish - The Shadow Spy - Stealth

Jun 4, 2016

Mad Hot Summer Party

Head: .tsg. Runa Mesh Head B Tone
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Hiroko hair *NEW* @Tropical Summer Fair 2016
Eyes: .tsg. Luminate - Honey

Necklace: ALTAIR* crystalized necklace
Bikini: .tsg. AquaBabe Bikini Bottoms / Top - Teal *NEW* @The Arcade
Goggles: .tsg. Holographic Goggles *NEW* @The Arcade
Headband: .tsg. Daisy Headband *NEW* @The Arcade

Lost Junction - Surfy Snacks *NEW* @The Arcade
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Sno-Cone Machine (red)
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Sno-Cone Syrups (red)
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Watermelon Platter
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Guacostadas Platter
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Corn Chips & Queso
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Surfcakes Platter
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Donut Skewers Tray
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - King Prawns Tray
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Potato Chips & Dip
  • [LJ] Surfy Snacks - Berry American Cake
Mad Hot Summer Party *NEW* @The Arcade
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Radio RARE
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Pinata RARE
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Nachos
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Plate Pile
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Knives
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Forks
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Stacked Cups
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Napkins
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Cans and Soda Bottles
  • Mad Hot Summer Party - Fruit Plate