May 16, 2011

Gifts: Cilian'gel + MOJO Skin

Nas notícias do grupo da loja Cilian'gel há este belo vestido. Custa L$10 a adesão para o grupo. Já a skin com maquiagem ousada da MOJO é group gift, não ha taxa para aderir ao grupo. A loja também está com grande desconto de 50% em várias skins. Aproveitem!
In the group notices of Cilian'gel's there's this pretty dress. There's a L$10 fee to join the group. The skin with vivid make-up from MOJO is also group gift, but there's no joining fee. The store is also having a huge 50% off sale on many skin lines. Enjoy!
Skin - MOJO - L$0 - group/tag
Vestido / Dress - Cilian'gel - L$0 (L$10 adesão / fee)

Orelhas / Ears - Mynerva
Cabelo / Hair - 69
Sapatos / Shoes - P10 (VIP gift)
Tattoo - Dermagraphycus
Piercings - Cobrahive
Poses - Apple Spice (Casual Static)


  1. What a colorful and fun look! :)

  2. Hehehe, yes it is *.* It was supposed to be a vintage dress, but I wanted something fun and modern *o*