Mar 29, 2016

Ah, Lovely Springtime!

HEAD: [M3+] - Venus Anime Head (v.1.12.17)
SKIN: (Enfer Sombre*) M3 Venus Skin light 1 - Mio 
EYES: (Enfer Sombre*) M3/Venus/Kemono/2.0 Eyes  - Lovely 
HAIR: [DUE] Suzy -*NEW* @The Kawaii Project

HEADPIECE: Astralia - Happy Easter headpiece gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
DRESS: =Zenith=Strappy Dress with Belt (Pink)-Maitreya *NEW* @Uber
COLLAR: =Zenith=Gothic Choker Victorian Collar (Rose)
BRACELET: =Zenith=Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet (Rose) Maitreya
PUG: [Black Bantam] My Old Pug White RARE gacha *NEW* @Lost & Found
POSE: Kirin - Aki

Running rabbit: Fawny - Mr. Oliver - Rabbit 7 *NEW* @Kustom9
Eggs: +Half-Deer+ Egg of Jewels (Natural) FREE Magic of Oz Hunt (details HERE)
Bunny w/ lantern: +Half-Deer+ Bunny made a Lantern (SnowHoney/Red)
Chicks: {anc} happyendpark. color little chick 5Li *NEW* @The Arcade
{anc} suger rose field [pink] 1Li
{anc} happyendpark.pennant garland. air.C(pink) 1Li *NEW* @The Arcade

Mar 28, 2016

Blues Hair, KITJA & RINKA *NEWS*

Look 1:
Hair: Blues. Emilee *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Skin: VCO ~ Hanny Set
Glasses: .tsg. Smooch Shades - Black [Black Lens]
Gloves: .tsg. BadGal Glove - Black L [Slink Gesture Hands]  *NEW* @The Arcade
Cigarette: .tsg. Candy Cigs Mouth  *NEW* @The Arcade
Cigarette (hand): .tsg. Candy Cigs Pack in Hand  *NEW* @The Arcade
Bag: .tsg. Booze Bag - Black  *NEW* @The Arcade
Nails: .tsg. Nails - Gold Cheetah
Necklace: ALTAIR* kokoro collar

Look 2:
Hair: Blues. Lexi RECENT RELEASE
Glasses: .:villena:. - Double frame round glasses
Rabbit: Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Frankie Rabbit - Dark gacha
Icecream: [LOVE SOUL] Parfait*Green Tea*(attach) gacha
Top: KITJA -  Lexi Top (MIX&MATCH HUD) *NEW* @Uber
Jeans: KITJA -  Lexi Jeans (MIX&MATCH HUD) *NEW* @Uber

Look 3:
Hair: Blues. London *NEW* @Kustom9
Shirt: - RINKA - Katya T-shirt Pink *NEW*
Skirt: - RINKA - Katya Skirt Black *NEW*
Purse: [Black Bantam] Jelly Purse - Black *NEW*
Bracelet: ^^Swallow^^ Cuff Bracelet

Mar 27, 2016

Above the Clouds

HEAD: .tsg. Aya Mesh Head X Tone
HAIR: [LCKY] Meredith // Fatpack *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
NECKLACE: +Half-Deer+ Innocence and Purity Necklace - Dreamer
PAJAMAS: something. Sweet Pajamas Set - RARE gacha *NEW* @SaNaRae
CUSHION: something. Strawberry Cushion - Pink gacha *NEW* @SaNaRae
SHOES: ::{u.f.o}::ballerina dream - flat - socks - pink gacha
CLOUD: Fawny - Let's fly - Mount - RARE gacha *NEW* @TFC

Bubbles: .::Cubic Cherry::. {Floating bubbles} pastel pack  *NEW* @We<3Roleplay
Fawny - Let's Fly - Glad Cloud - Companion gacha *NEW* @TFC
Fawny - Let's Fly - Happy Cloud - Companion gacha *NEW* @TFC
Fawny - Let's Fly - Mimi Cloud - Companion gacha *NEW* @TFC
Sleeping Rabbit: Fawny - Mr. Oliver - Rabbit 3 *NEW* @Kustom9
Sitting Rabbit: Fawny - Mr. Oliver - Rabbit 8 *NEW* @Kustom9
Flying Bunny: MishMish - Cloudie - Bunny
Kuma Cushion: something. Sleeping Kuma cushion - Pink gacha *NEW* @SaNaRae
Eggs: +Half-Deer+ Egg of Jewels (White), (Pink), (Natural) FREE Magic of Oz Hunt (details HERE)
Cloud under Mr. Oliver: +Half-Deer+ Daydreaming Tree - Pink (White Clouds)

Mar 26, 2016

Hello Spring!

SKIN: .tsg. Rei Skin B Tone *NEW*
LIPS: .tsg. Rei Mesh Lips B Tone Gap *NEW*
HAIR: Moon. Hair // Labyrinth *NEW* @Uber
CROWN: Astralia - Gerika headpiece (orange) *NEW* @The Secret Affair
NECKLACE: .random.Matter. - Astoria Necklace - Gold
CLOAK: Astralia - Danaus Spring Cloak RARE gacha *NEW* @TFC
TOP: Fawny - Magic Hour.Top - Gold - XS gacha
PANTIES: Fawny - Magic Hour.Bottom - Gold - XS gacha
PUPPY: Fawny - Plush Cuties.Naughty Puppy - 14 (wear) *NEW* @The Arcade
POSE: Oracul/Kuzo

Fawny - Plush Cuties.Tragic Kitty - 25 *NEW* @The Arcade
Fawny - Plush Cuties.Lucky Puppy - 27 *NEW* @The Arcade
MishMish - Sitting Deer (red) *NEW* @The Arcade
MishMish - Deer with birds (red) *NEW* @The Arcade

Mar 25, 2016

Enfer Sombre - Skin Fair 2016

Hello girls!
This round of Skin Fair 2016 is coming to an end at March 27th. I know I'm very late with this, but this month has been very busy to me. But these skins are some of my favorites from the fair, so I couldn't avoid blogging it. Always check demos first!

Mesh Head (all photos): CATWA Jessica
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Lucy Skin Peach tone *NEW* @Skin Fair 2016

Hair: TRUTH Roux
Eyes: .tsg. Circle Lens - Barbie Grey
Wreath: Persefona Alotte Wreath (pink)
Necklace: ALTAIR* drink me necklace
Wings: .tsg. Glass Wings - Gold
Bird: +Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Hummingbird - Pure (Wear) gacha
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*)Ella Skin Peach tone *NEW* @Skin Fair 2016

Hair: Moon. Hair // Small Hands *NEW* @N21
Crown: Astralia - Danaus Spring Crown (blue) gacha *NEW* @TFC
Cloak: Astralia - Danaus Spring Cloak RARE gacha *NEW* @TFC
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Crystal Skin Porcelain tone Skin Fair Exclusive *NEW* @Skin Fair 2016

Eyes: NINI:3  May Eyes
Hair: .Entwined. Lena RECENT RELEASE
Earrings: Astralia - Diana earrings with color HUD
Necklace: Astralia - Imperia set (Necklace gold)

Mar 24, 2016

Sweet Time

HEAD:.tsg. Runa Mesh Head Vampy
HAIR: [LCKY] Mei *NEW* @The Arcade
EARS: darkendStare. nyan ears
LINGERIE: Sweet Thing. Giftwrap - Pink (Maitreya Beta)
CHOKER: !Oleander ~ Jelly Baby Choker. *NEW* @The Arcade
ANKLETS: ALTAIR* bell anklet -gold- 
PUPPY: [Black Bantam] Whippy Female Teacup Yorkie RARE *NEW* @The Arcade

[Black Bantam] Future Global Warming Gacha *NEW* @The Arcade
[Black Bantam] The Futuristic Pup (rideable) Pink RARE
[Black Bantam] Pink Boxed Chocolate Glazed Donuts
[Black Bantam] Tintable Candy Heart Clear Cupcake Box
[Black Bantam] Leaning Tower of S'mores & Strawberries
[Black Bantam] Mini Chocolate Glazed Donut Stand
[Black Bantam] Golden Candy Heart Cupcakes
[Black Bantam] Cutie Dog Carrier Purse - Pink
[Black Bantam] Global Warming Future IceCream Truck RARE
[Black Bantam] Chocolate Dipped Popsicle Stand Lavendar
[Black Bantam] Donut Cake Stand With Glass Lid - Pink
[Black Bantam] Applehead Chihuahua - White
Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Plopped (Madame) *NEW* @The Arcade
Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Plopped (Hentai) *NEW* @The Arcade
BananaN Ice cream unicorn whale pink
Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Mais Putain Frame gacha
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain - Square (White) gacha
:Raindrop: - Cute Days Rug

Mar 13, 2016



Head: .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head Vampy

Look 1:
Headband: Persefona Soft Rose Headband (pink)
Outfit: ALTAIR* momoirobara set
Necklace: ALTAIR* drink me! necklace
sheep: Fawny - Sweet Sheep.Static - The Epiphany Gift (GG - Check Notices)

Look 2:
Dress: ALTAIR* mimi dress *RECENT RELEASE*
Lollipop: .tsg. Lollipop Love - Strawberry

Look 3:
Dress: Sweet Thing. Sakura Minidress - Princess (Maitreya Beta) *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Poodle: [Black Bantam] My Loving Poodle Nice - Strawberry White


SKIN: (Enfer Sombre*)Misa Skin Porcelain Tone *NEW* @SaNaRae
HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Polilla *NEW* @Uber
EARS: +Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Birthday) SECRET gacha
NECKLACE: ALTAIR* bunny magic! necklace .white. gacha
DRESS: =Zenith=Ballerina dress (Snow) -Maitreya *NEW* @Uber
BRACELETS: =Zenith=Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet (Milk)- R  Maitreya
GLOVES: =Zenith=Cosy long Gloves - Maitreya
WINGS: .tsg. Glass Wings - White [Type 2] *NEW* @Uber
BABY UNICORN: [Black Bantam] My Little Unicorn - Natural Horn White Fem gacha

Fountain: +Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Mira Fountain - White 1 gacha
Bunnies: +Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny - Snow - Look Around, Better View *NEW* @Collabor88
Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Interlude *NEW* @The Arcade
Lanterns: {anc} forest lantern. 1lantern floating (C) 1Li {snow white} gacha
Trees: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel main

Mar 9, 2016

(Enfer Sombre*) Misa Skin (Catwa Applier) @SaNaRae

Hello Girls!
I'm a bit busy lately, but after seeing this skin I felt inspired and decided to do a portrait for her *-* This cutie is called Misa and is one of the latest releases from Enfer Sombre. By the way, Enfer Sombre has released some other cute skins for the upcoming Skin Fair that I'll be showing soon! But for now, let's enjoy Misa's sweet face, that is available at SaNaRae event. This skin is also compatible with Visage heads and also standard skin. Body appliers include: omega, maitreya & slink. Try demos first!
SKIN: (Enfer Sombre*)Misa Skin Porcelain Tone *NEW* @SaNaRae
EYES: .tsg. Summer Eyes - Aquamarine
HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Bunny Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack
DRESS: something. my lovely baby doll dress - RARE 01 *NEW* @SaNaRae

I love Music!

SKIN: [ MUDSKIN ]_Yuri#Blushy_E3_Pale *NEW* gacha!!
LIPS: .Loud Mouth. - Alli
HAIR: [DUE] Kaho *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
HEADPHONES: Anachron - Beary Cute Headphones - Pookie
DRESS: =Zenith= Twin Bow Dress (Nude Stripe) -Maitreya *NEW* @Kustom9
SOCKS: =Zenith=BabyDoll Long Socks (Nude) -Maitreya *NEW* @Kustom9
WAND: =Zenith=sweet heart ward *NEW* @Kustom9

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room Gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Vinyl Records
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Saxophone Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Table Light
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Clock Light
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Vinyl Record Box
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Record Player Light - RARE
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Chair Light
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Frame Light
Puppies: Fawny - My little puppy 6, 12 & 14 gacha!!
Bag with flowers: Bee.Bu Occasions - You are beautiful gacha!! *NEW* @The Arcade
Box of cookies: Bee.Bu Occasions - I miss you gacha!! *NEW* @The Arcade
Pizza: Bee.Bu Occasions - Thinking of You gacha!! *NEW* @The Arcade
Soup: Bee.Bu Occasions - Feel Better Soon gacha!! *NEW* @The Arcade
Drink: Sway's [Summer] Drinking Jar A
Books: Amala - The Pile o' Books gacha!!

Mar 7, 2016


HAIRS: +Spellbound+ #SquadGoals (Wolves, Phoenix, Last Smoke - DUO) *NEW* @The Arcade
SKIN & LIPS: .tsg. Rei X Tone Skin + Lips *NEW* @Skin Fair 2016 (SOON!! Opens Mar/11th)
BRA: Tee*fy Zoey Bodysuit Bra - Maitreya - White *NEW* @N21
BODYSUIT: Tee*fy Zoey Bodysuit - Maitreya - White *NEW* @N21

@The Arcade
Chocolate box: Bee.Bu Occasions - I love you
Plate of cookies: -David Heather-Fashion Cookies
Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Lazy Day
Scarlet Creative - Anastasia Bed gacha
Scarlet Creative - Anastasia Light Sofa
Scarlet Creative - Anastasia Low Cabinet
Scarlet Creative - Anastasia Drapery Light
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Mannequin w/Hat
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Mannequin w/Necklace
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Two Altered Bottles
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Welcome Spring Sign
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Dress form Jewelry Display - RARE
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Hat Boxes
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Heart Box

Mar 3, 2016

The Peace of the Roses

BUTTERFLIES ON HAIR: Persefona Butterflies on hair (mix 5) *NEW* @Cosmopolitan
SKIN: [ MUDSKIN ]_Juicy Bell ~ BerryBerry Flavor_Pale gacha
SHAPE:  ).MYSTERIKA.( Juicy Shape
CROWN: =Zenith=Rose crown gacha
DRESS: =Zenith=Vintage Nightgown (Nude) -Maitreya *NEW* @Collabor88
CLUTCH: =Zenith=Vintage Heart Clutch (Nude) -Gold *NEW* @Collabor88
CAT: +Half-Deer+/Le PoppyCock *Kitty Galore* Set 2 - Cuddle Companion *NEW* @Collabor88

Roses by Anc
{anc} NO LIMITS. Stairs for sunlight 46Li RARE
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Watchful *NEW* gacha @The Arcade