Jul 31, 2017

Top Secret

Head: CATWA Lona
SKIN: more more
Lipstick: Veechi - Matte Lip Tint [Dusk] *NEW* @The Epiphany
Hair: .Entwined. Lexie *NEW* @The Epiphany
Collar: .Quirky. - Astrexia Collar - Noir *NEW* @The Epiphany
Armband: .Quirky. - Astrexia Arm Cuff *NEW* @The Epiphany
Dress: Blueberry - Dream Girl - Dress *NEW* @The Epiphany
Shoes: Blueberry - Dream Girl - Shoes *NEW* @The Epiphany
Drink: brocante. flask (gacha) / neat *NEW* @The Epiphany
Puppy: JIAN Pupper Parlor :: 7. Black Companion Yorkie *NEW* @The Epiphany

:BAMSE: Underground HQ *NEW* @The Epiphany
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Evidence
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Desk RARE
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Chair RARE
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Audio Recorder
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Blackmail Material
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Peacemaker
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Brass Knuckle
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - CSC (Central Station Computer)
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Desk Lamp
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Dual Monitors
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Headphones
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Keyboard
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Mouse
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Netbook
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Radio
:BAMSE: Underground HQ - Monitoring Station EXCLUSIVE

Jul 30, 2017

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Sailor Moon gacha

Hairs & Hair Accessories: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sailor Moon gacha *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Heads: .tsg. Mimi / Aya Mesh Head
Dress: Violent Seduction - Cosmos Senshi Maitreya (Moon / Chibi) *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Luna: CURELESS [+] Luna P FREE @Crystal Heart Festival

Shapes SALE

Hello Girls!
I'll be doing a clean up in my marketplace store and some of my shapes will be with 50% discount for a limited time. Some of these shapes will be permanently removed and others will be updated. Will be adding new shapes soon!

Jul 29, 2017

Cool for the Summer

Head: CATWA Catya
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Rose #2_104  *NEW* @Okinawa Summer  Festival

Girl 1:
Hair: .Olive. the Summer Hair
Bikini: :Moon Amore: Breezy Bikini *NEW* @Collabor88

Girl 2:
Hair: TRUTH Taren
Swimsuit: :Moon Amore: Breezy Swimsuit *NEW* @Collabor88
Icecream: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Chocolate RARE
Pose Prop: Kirin - Cool for the summer BOX / Colorful Stripes

+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree - Short Curved - Natural
okidoki - food no.1 - Watermelon punch
okidoki -ade set
MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 4 - Yumm Watermelon
MishMish - Pygmy Hippo 5 - Relaxing
{moss&mink} Summer of 69 - Light orbs

Wasabi Pills @ The Chapter Four

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jelly Mesh Hair gacha *NEW* @TCF

Jul 28, 2017

Stay Gold

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Hanako Shape (CATWA Lona) SOON
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Rose #2_104  *NEW* @Okinawa Summer  Festival
Hair: [LCKY] Bean *NEW* @The Epiphany
Fishbowl: DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Fishbowl / RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Water Gun: DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Water Gun *NEW* @The Epiphany
Tentacles: Moon Elixir - Siren's Spell - 1 - Lara - Tentacles - RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Bra: Moon Elixir - Siren's Spell - 5 - Lara - Bra - Cream *NEW* @The Epiphany
Moon Elixir - Siren's Spell - 2 - Lara - Bustier Scales - RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany

Backdrop: Astralia
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Goldfish Bubble *NEW* @The Epiphany
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Pet Goldfish / EXCLUSIVE *NEW* @The Epiphany

Jul 27, 2017

Makin' Art

Skin: more more
Lipstick: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI LIPS A-1 [CATWA] *NEW* @The Epiphany
Blusher: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI blusher Hud B [CATWA] *NEW* @The Epiphany
Bodyblusher: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI dear Tattoo Blusher - [omega] RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Little princess hair *NEW* @The Epiphany
Headband: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI - Bunny Ear - Pink A-1 *NEW* @The Epiphany
Eyepatch (mouth): :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI -  Eye patch [mouth] B *NEW* @The Epiphany
Cardigan: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI - School Cardigan [Lala] A - RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Panties: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI - Panties [Lara] A Set *NEW* @The Epiphany
Leg Bandage: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI - Leg bandage Pink [B] *NEW* @The Epiphany
Icecream: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Strawberry RARE

.random.Matter. -  Art Studio *NEW* @The Epiphany
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Craft Desk [Pink] - RARE
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Sewing Table [Pink] - RARE
.random.Matter - Art Studio - Colored Pencils
.random.Matter - Art Studio - Glitter Jars
.random.Matter - Art Studio - Watercolor Palettes
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Beads
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Brushes
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Chalk Pastel
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Colored Paper
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Markers
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Organizer [Pink]
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Glue Gun [Blue]
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Glue Gun [Pink]
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Ribbons
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Markers
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Sketchbooks
.random.Matter. - Art Studio - Spray Paint

.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Shelf v2 - RARE
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Mannequin [P] - RARE
.random.Matter. - Dorm Life - Wall Art
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Kawaii Sign [Pink]

Jul 25, 2017

Relax Your Mind

Head: CATWA Lona
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Mizu Skin - Mocha *NEW* @The Seasons Story
Blush: [MINT]WinterBlush ~Catwa
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tsukiko Mesh Hair *NEW* @Kagami
Dress: =Zenith=Yaodao ji kimono (Maitreya) - RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Fan: =Zenith=Yaodao ji fan (Red) - Exclusive *NEW* @The Epiphany
Headpiece: =Zenith=Yaodao ji Headpiece - RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany

darkendStare. Kitsune Cubs [Spirit] (sit) *NEW* @The Epiphany
darkendStare. Kitsune Cubs [Red] (hold) *NEW* @The Epiphany
{MB} Kingyo Lantern (New Years Red) Exclussive *NEW* @The Epiphany

Jul 22, 2017

Yokai Chronicles

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Hanako Shape (CATWA Lona) SOON
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Rose #2_104 *NEW* @Okinawa Summer  Festival
Hair: Analog Dog - joy A - DARK BROWNS RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Halo: CURELESS [+] Yokai Chronicles / Magatama Halo / WHITE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Outfit: CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Shrine Maiden Outfit / RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Skirt: CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Shrine Maiden Skirt / RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
Doll: CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Cursed Hina Halo / ROTTEN *NEW* @The Epiphany
CURELESS [+] Yokai Chronicles / Zenko Kitsune Ascending / PURE *NEW* @The Epiphany
CURELESS [+] Yokai Chronicles / Zenko Kitsune Descending / RED *NEW* @The Epiphany
CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Hina Dolls on Arms / RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany
CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Hina Dolls on Back / RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany

Lanterns: {MB} Lantern Festival Gacha *NEW* @The Epiphany

Touch of Red

Hair: [LCKY] Mello *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Dress: ALTAIR* miko outfit *NEW* @Japonica
Sandals: ALTAIR* neko geta *NEW* @The Seasons Story
Pandas: [Black Bantam] I <3 You Panda Basic RARE *NEW* @TCF
Pose: Imeka - Sits06

Jul 21, 2017

Fruity Fun

#taketomiWEST - Priyanka *NEW* @Ultra
#taketomiWEST - Esha *NEW* @Driver
*Both hairs include multistyle HUD

Head: CATWA Lona
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara Skin - Dolce
Body Shine: (Enfer Sombre*) Ecchi shine tattoo 
Pose Prop: FOXCITYFruity

Sugar Rush

Head: CATWA Lona
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Melissa skin - Amber tone *NEW* Cutie Loot
Eyeshadow: [Pink Fuel] Sugar Rush Eyeshadow *NEW* Cutie Loot
Hair: Mello. Sugar Bunny *NEW* Cutie Loot
Dress/Accessories/Lollipops: Una - Magical Candy *NEW* Cutie Loot
Hat: [The Forge] Icecream Splat.
Body Shine: (Enfer Sombre*) Ecchi shine tattoo 

Jul 20, 2017

Ume Hime

Head: CATWA Lona
Skin: BT:Geisha
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mango Mesh Hair *NEW* @The Seasons Story
Headdress: Luas Hanako Headdress RARE
Corset: Violent Seduction - Ume Hime Corset (White) *NEW* @The Epiphany
Scarf: Violent Seduction - Ume Hime Scarf (White) *NEW* @The Epiphany
Boots: Violent Seduction - Ume Hime Boots (White) *NEW* @The Epiphany
Tanto: Violent Seduction - Ume Hime Tanto (White) *NEW* @The Epiphany
Necklace: ALTAIR* magatama necklace .ruby.

Pose: KIRIN - Himawari

Jul 19, 2017

Kira Kira

Hair: Doe: Pippy (twotone) - Pastels
Hat: Hazy. Kira Kira Look. Hat. RARE 2 *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Dress: Hazy. Kira Kira Look. XS RARE 2 *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Flying Bunny: +Half-Deer+ Moon Bunny - Prism *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

+Half-Deer+ Cauldron of the Stars - Rainbow / Yellow Stars
Fawny - Fluffy Dreams.Naughty Deer Fantasy - RARE
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Watchful
comet. + sleeping moon bunny  + RARE *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Jul 17, 2017

Dreamy Genie

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Amari
Tattoo & Accessories: Birdy - Festival 
Outfit: {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie *NEW* @Lootbox
Necklace: .tsg. Magical Key Collar - Large Pendant - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

{moss&mink} Dreamy Genie *NEW* @Lootbox
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie - Hanging Crystals
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie - Magic Lamp RARE
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie - Lantern
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie - Backdrop
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie - Chaise
comet. + magical podgie puff + {raspberry} *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
comet. + sleeping moon bunny  + RARE *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
+Half-Deer+ Moon Bunny - Prism *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
+Half-Deer+ Birbies - Sakura RARE

Jul 12, 2017

Blues @ Hair Fair 2017

Blues. Oakley
Blues. Olivia
Blues. Ordinary

Girl 1:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Lipstick: (Enfer Sombre*)Catwa Lipstick applier - Gabrielle *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Lolipop: :::ChicChica::: Kade #6

Girl 2:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara Skin
Collar: .tsg. Magical Wand Collar - Large Pendant - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Girl 3:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sakura Skin
Drink: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Chocolate RARE

Dress (All): Hazy. Neko Sailor *NEW* @SaNaRae

Jul 11, 2017

Elikatira @ Hair Fair 2017

[e] Terryn *NEW*
[e] Clara *NEW*
[e] Thea *NEW*

Skins: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara / Sakura
Romper: The Secret Store - Clara Fitted Romper *NEW* @Collabor88
Glasses: .tsg. Trendy Summer Sunnies - Daisy [Yellow-Gold]
Drink: Hazy. I'm Sweet Gacha. Greentea

Jul 8, 2017

A little piece of heaven

*Enfer Sombre - Gabrielle Lipstick colors

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Sarita Shape (CATWA Lona)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival 
Hair: taketomi - Chibiusa @Crystal Heart Festival 

Bindi: :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Bindi (Silver) FREE @Crystal Heart Festival 
Dress/Cape/Necklace/Bracelets: :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Queen @Crystal Heart Festival 
Nails: :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails @Crystal Heart Festival 
Wand: Violent Seduction - Cosmos Wand (Cosmos) @Crystal Heart Festival 
Heart: *Tentacio* Magic Deer. Magic heart @Crystal Heart Festival 

Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Watchful

Kawaii Overload #4

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Sarita Shape (CATWA Lona)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival 
Eyes: .tsg. Lumenis Eyes - Ice Blue
Kisses makeup: LEPUNK Kisses for Catwa BAG Group Gift
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Melli hair V.I.P. Groupgift

Headband: .tsg. Lunar Kitty Headband - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Collar: .tsg. Magical Key Collar - Large Pendant - Pink *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Bracelet: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Nails: :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Top: Sweet Thing. Sailor Suit - Chibi Top (Maitreya)

Bunnies: +Half-Deer+ Moon Bunny Companions (Fairy/Rose) *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Jul 7, 2017

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2017

Wasabi Pills brings 3 exclusive hairstyles for Hair Fair 2017. The short hair shown in the middle called "Camille" comes in two versions. All Hair Fair sales donate to charity (Wigs for kids)!
/Wasabi Pills/ Elle Mesh Hair *NEW*
/Wasabi Pills/ Camille Mesh Hair *NEW*
/Wasabi Pills/ Sienna Mesh Hair *NEW*

Girl 1:
Skin:(Enfer Sombre*) Sakura Skin
Dress: AMITOMO / ordinary life GACHA / XS / 5

Girl 2:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Skin applier - Peach - Lydia gacha
Glasses: {Imeka} Heart Sunglass *NEW* @Cutie Loot June
Dress: AMITOMO /  Girl Like Me GACHA / XS - 4

Girl 3:
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Sara Skin
Dress: DAMI 'day in early spring' GACHA xs #1

Jul 5, 2017

The Moonie Hair

.Olive. the Moonie Hair & Pigtails Add-on *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Head: CATWA Catya
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Umi Shape (CATWA Catya Bento)
Skin: .tsg. Koko Applier for Catwa Catya *OMEGA* - X Tone

Dungarees: KITJA - Mila Outfit
Uniform: something. sailor school uniform_06
Dress: [ dami ] neck mtm + belt skirt set #yellow xs
Night dress: Sweet Thing. Memoire - Petal
Sailor Suit: Sweet Thing. Sailor Suit
Drool: Dirty Secrets ~ Bento Drool HUD v1.0

Jul 4, 2017

Kawaii Crossover

Usagi's Look:
Head: CATWA Catya
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Umi Shape (CATWA Catya Bento)
Skin: .tsg. Koko Applier for Catwa Catya *OMEGA* - X Tone
Eyes: .tsg. Gentle Eyes - Deep Blue
Hair: .Olive. the Moonie Hair *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Hair add-on: .Olive. the Moonie Pigtails ADD ON - Swirl *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Collar: .tsg. Ribbon Collar - Pink [Rigged]
Hairpin: miwa x nani - Sailor Hair Pin
Dress: ALTAIR* magica gown .madoka. *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Wings: ALTAIR* puella magi wings .pink.
Pose: {PINGPONG} Mia Bento poses *NEW* @ The Project Se7en

Madoka's Look:
Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Lita Shape (CATWA Lona)
Skin: .tsg. Jojo Applier for Catwa Lona *OMEGA* - X Tone
Eyes: .tsg. Circle Lens - Lav Princess
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Etsuko hair

Dress: Violent Seduction - Cosmos Senshi Maitreya (Chibi) *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Cape: Violent Seduction - Cosmos Senshi Cape (Chibi) *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Hairclips: Violent Seduction - Cosmos Hairclips *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
Collar: .tsg. Ribbon Collar - White [Rigged]
Pose: La Baguette

{moss&mink} Magical garland *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
comet. + kyutiebey sit + *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
comet. + charlotte + RARE *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
comet. + magical podgie puff + {blue milk} *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival
comet. + sleeping moon bunny  + RARE *NEW* @Crystal Heart Festival

Hair Fair 2017: Imeka & LCKY

{Imeka} Amelia Hair *NEW*
{Imeka} Mandy Hair *NEW*
{Imeka} Babbs Hair *NEW*
***TAXI: Hair Fair 2017***

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Elisa Shape (CATWA Lona Bento)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Elisa Skin - Porcelain

Girl 1:
Lips: 9. [Buzz] Spring Tint - Oranges
Hair Flower: *LODE* Head Accessory - Southern Magnolia Single [orange]
Sweater: The Secret Store - Irina Crop Sweater - Dove
Skirt: The Secret Store - Yulia Flared Skirt - Dove

Girl 2:
Lips: (Enfer Sombre*) Yumi Lipstick Set
Dress: The Secret Store - Annabelle Dress
Cardigan: The Secret Store - Leonie Cardigan
Icecream: {Imeka} Italian Ice cream {Color 6 }

Girl 3:
Earrings: {Imeka} Bowtie Clock Earring
Blazer: The Secret Store - Juniper Blazer
Shorts: The Secret Store - Audra Linen Shorts
Dog: [Black Bantam] Diva Dog Shih Tzu - Brown Two

[LCKY] Karrie *NEW*
[LCKY] Jaime *NEW*
[LCKY] Zana *NEW*
***TAXI: Hair Fair 2017***

Skin:[ MUDSKIN ]_Sora # Catwa Skin Applier (Powder Pack June 2017)
Lipstick: [ MUDSKIN ]_Sora # Lipcolor HUD (Powder Pack June 2017)
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Bianca Shape (CATWA Catya Bento) *NEW*

Girl 1:
Top: Sweet Thing. Ava Crop *NEW* @Summerfest
Shorts: KITJA x :PARKER: - Tasha Shorts

Girl 2:
Necklace: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gamer's Heart set XOXO - Necklace
Outfit: SPIRIT - Camp outfit [FATPACK] *NEW* @Uber

Girl 3:
Jumpsuit: KITJA - Sandra Jumpsuit [FATPACK] *NEW* @Uber
Collar: [Fetch] Britny Collar

Jul 2, 2017

Ayashi @ Hair Fair 2017

Ayashi brings 3 cute hairstyles special for Hair Fair 2017 (July 1st-16th). 15% donated to Wigs For KIDS!!!!

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Riya hair *NEW*
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuzu hair *NEW*
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Akihiko hair *NEW*

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Susie Shape (CATWA Lona)
Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets gacha
Long Dress: =Zenith=cairen dress gacha
Short Dress: :: MOMOCHUU :: Hoshi gacha

Queen of Flamingos

Head: CATWA Catya
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Skin applier - Rosie
Eyes: .tsg. Circle Lens - Lav Princess
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Solana Mesh Hair

Dress/Acessories/Flamingos: ::Axix:: FlamingoQueen Gacha *NEW* @Lootbox

Jul 1, 2017


Head: CATWA Catya
Hair: taketomi - Riye
Lashes: MICHAN - Sera Lashes [Catwa] *NEW* @Anybody Event (OPENS July 4th)
Lips: (Enfer Sombre*) Nereida Lipstick Set *NEW* @The Kawaii Project

Headfins: darkendStare. Serendipity Fins [Splash] gacha NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Headpiece: ERSCH - Ocean Child gacha
Choker: ERSCH - Ocean Child Gacha 08 Choker Blue gacha

Nail App: (Enfer Sombre*) Mermaid Nails *NEW* @The Kawaii Project


Skin:[ MUDSKIN ]_Sora # Catwa Skin Applier (Powder Pack June 2017)
Lipstick: [ MUDSKIN ]_Sora # Lipcolor HUD (Powder Pack June 2017)
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Bianca Shape (CATWA Catya Bento) SOON
Hair: TRUTH Rumor *NEW*