Aug 29, 2016

Barbie Girl

Head: 01 Genesis_Head_Nina_2.0 RARE gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
Skin: Genesis_Lab_MIRA_Skin_MILK *NEW* @Kustom9
Eyeshadow: HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadows_METALLIC_GLITTER gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
Lipstick: HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_BOUCHE gacha *NEW* @Kustom9

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Sohyun /Blonde *NEW* @Kustom9
Cigarette: .01 [ kunst ] - Long Cig Holder [ornamented] (mouth) RARE gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
Dress: Violent Seduction - Lucine Dress MAITREYA (Pink) *NEW* @Kustom9
Rings: Amala - The Atara Stacking Rings *NEW* @Kustom9
Shoes: N-core SIONA *NEW* @Kustom9

//SEUL\\ Condo Scene - RARE
// SEUL \\ - Monster Chair - Princessa
//SEUL\\ Studio Rack - RARE
//SEUL\\ Studio Gorgeous Sign
//SEUL\\ Studio Work Sign
Letters: Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Love Letters
Petals: Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Rose Petals
Hatboxes: [Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Hatboxes/5pose
Dog Bed: +Half-Deer+ Ribbon Dog Bed - Pink+White
{anc} flottante puppy. cream . layA / withCollar 3Li
[Black Bantam] Female Chow Chow Doggy Cream Brown Nose *NEW* @N21
LeP - Stenciled_Mannequin

Aug 27, 2016

News: Truth Hair & Kustom 9


Skin: .tsg. Rei Skin A Tone 
Lips: .tsg. Rei Mesh Lips A Tone
Eyes: .tsg. Circle Lens - Barbie Grey

Top: .:villena:. -  Chocker Top *NEW* @Kustom9
Skirt: .:villena:. -  Pencil Skirt - Cocoa *NEW* @Kustom9

Glasses: Le Morte - Grave Digger Glasses - Gold
Necklace (girl #2): ieQED soiree.necklace.all *NEW* @Kustom9
Necklace (girl #3): Kibitz - Ivanna necklace - gold *NEW* @Kustom9
Rings: Kibitz - Milan ring set - gold *NEW* @Kustom9
Puppy: [Black Bantam] I Dun Like You Chihuahua Female Tan Rare *NEW* @Kustom9
Cat: [Black Bantam] Sphynx Cat Cream Female *NEW* @Collabor88

Aug 25, 2016

.Olive. Hair *NEWS*

.Olive. the Jade Hair @ Bon Voyage
.Olive. the Lana Hair @ Uber
.Olive. the Claria Hair @ Whimsical

Skin & Lips: VCO
Crown: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Sea Unicorn Headdress RARE
Octopus: [ bubble ] Squisher Friends Gacha *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Body Tattoo: .ep. ( E P O CH   &   F A C A D E ) creative chaos *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

I love Pink!

*The Keiko Socks included are an add-on that you can wear with your shoes.

Head: CATWA Dyana
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Susie Skin - Porcelain tone
Hair: Sweet Thing. Sakura Hair *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Headband: Quirky - Sakura Kitten Band *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Necklace: [Fetch] Star Voyage Necklace *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Bodysuit: [Atomic] Apparel // Soiree Bodysuit *NEW* @Collabor88
Bracelet: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Shoes: fri. - Keiko.Platforms (Candy) *NEW* @Bon Voyage

[][] blueberry hill [][] - kawaii strawberry milk *NEW* @Bon Voyage
[][] blueberry hill [][] - kawaii rice bowl (bear) *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Poster: ChiMia:: Japan Poster [sushi] *NEW* @Bon Voyage
            ChiMia:: Japan Poster [sakura]
Sushi: .::Cubic Cherry::.{Sushicute} pink/tamago *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Curtains: +Half-Deer+ Stringlight Soiree Curtains - Pink - Tied *NEW* @Collabor88
[Black Bantam] Female Chow Chow Doggy White BN RARE *NEW* @N21
[Black Bantam] Dorbert Visits The Yellow Brick Road Basket *NEW* @Enchantment
Sofa: Quirky Atomic // Heart Shaped Dreamer // Gacha // DayBed RARE
[Cosmic Dust] - Stack of Books
-tres blah- Soiree - Pastel Balloons

Aug 22, 2016

Moroccan Dreams

Skin: .tsg. Rei Skin B Tone + Lips
Hair: Exile::You Send Me
Outfit / Jewelry: Luas Yemina Gacha *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pose: Eternal Dream Gacha - Silk 08 *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Ruins & Decor: *CHEZ MOI Moroccan Dreams *NEW*
Food: *Sweet Lies* Medieval Food Gacha *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Lamp: .aisling. Nasrheen Lamp old gift
JIAN Peacock :: Static (Train Tail) *NEW* @Collabor88
Birdy - Boho - Camel RARE gacha
Birdy - Boho - Baby Elephant - Grey gacha

*CHEZ MOI Moroccan Dreams is fully interactive and comes with several animations (couples/singles), props and dances as well! For more info, check HERE.

Aug 21, 2016


Skin: .tsg. Tiana Skin - X Tone - Petal *NEW* @TCF
Lips: .tsg. Tiana Mesh Lips - Parted RARE *NEW* @TCF
Hair: [DUE] Belle *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiara::Moon Amore: Giovanna Tiara (Gold) *NEW* @Collabor88
Dress: :Moon Amore: Giovanna Dress - Maitreya exp. *NEW* @Collabor88
Butterflies: ERSCH - Le Papillon Gacha Flock ULTRARARE *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Wand: ERSCH - Le Papillon Gacha Wand10 *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Wings: ERSCH - Le Papillon Gacha Wings5 *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar: =Zenith=Gothic Choker Victorian Collar (Rose)

Tree: +Half-Deer+ Starglitter Tree II - Sugar White
Flower field by Anc

My Special Angel

Head: CATWA Dyana
Skin: Essences - Tori gacha *NEW* @Kustom9
Hair: TRUTH Verinne
Crown/Shoulderplates: Suicide Gurls - Corvus Obbiit *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Outfit: Moon Elixir - Courtesan *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Cage: *May's Soul* Japan Treasures
Wings: =Zenith=Feather Wings (All colors)
Pose: KIRIN "Aki"

Peacock: JIAN Peacock :: Static (Fanned Tail) *NEW* @Collabor88
Flowers by Anc

Aug 20, 2016

Creepy Reunion

Skin & Lips: VCO
Hair: {Imeka} Honey Hair *NEW* @Manga Fair
Eyepatch: {Imeka} Heart eyepatch *NEW* @Manga Fair
Bow Headband: {Imeka} Bow hairband *NEW* @Manga Fair
Dolls Headband: CURELESSDISORDERLY / Dollhouse Survivors / Heads Tiara ASYLUM *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Uniform (blood on collar is photoshoped*): [CoD!] Sailor Punk *NEW* @Manga Fair
Pencils & Blood on chest: Evermore. Used Pencils RED RARE *NEW* @Manga Fair
Face Scar: CURELESS [+] Himura Fresh Scar (v.1)
Hand Tattoo: Suicide Gurls - Ante bellum - Hand Tattoo 1 UltraRare *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Knee Scratches: (Enfer Sombre*) Fler Du Mal {A5} - Tattoo *NEW* @The Chapter Four
Socks: fri. - Lydia.Socks (Coal)
Ghost Companion: Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Casper Mouse - White

Curtains: +Half-Deer+ Stringlight Soiree Curtains - Black - Long *NEW* @Collabor88
Mannequins: RO - Spook Show gacha
Doll Heads: CURELESSDISORDERLY / Dollhouse Survivors / LOVELESS / RARE *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • CURELESSDISORDERLY / Dollhouse Survivors / Handy Tiara ASYLUM

Aug 19, 2016

Manga Fair

Head: .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: [Mello] Meow 'N' Stuff *NEW* @Manga Fair
Glasses: [Fetch] Kitty Meow Glasses *NEW* @Manga Fair
Choker: [ abrasive ] Princess Collar *NEW* @Manga Fair
Purse: ((LovelyAlien))Banana Purse *NEW* @Manga Fair
Dress: !creamSH! Lalala Dress Maitreya -Yellow- *NEW* @Manga Fair
Kitty: Pink Acid Lil Bup Kitty Pal Yellow *NEW* @TCF

Balloons: Junk Food - Oops Balloons *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Flowers by The Little Branch

Aug 17, 2016

A Little Taste of Japan

Head: .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: Doe: Carol *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Headpiece / Fan: Belle Epoque { Kyoto Set B} *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Choker: B.C.C HARUNA Neko Choker - Pink *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Yukata: B.C.C HARUNA - Mini Yukata [3] [Maitreya Exp] RARE *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Drink: {BunBun} Soda Float - Sakura - L *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Pet: +Half-Deer+ Solstice Dragon - Sakura gacha
Pose: {xoxo} Amy Set *NEW* @Bon Voyage

Aug 15, 2016

Kawaii Geek

Head: .tsg. Runa Mesh Head Vampy
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Jozi hair *NEW* @The Gacha Garden
Mask: .tsg. Medic Mask - Red Cross *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Suit: ALTAIR* mecha suit .white. -maitreya- *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Pygmy: ChiMia - Pygmy Puff - Snowy *NEW* @The Gacha Garden
Rollerskates: Astralia - Cute rollers gacha *NEW* @The Crossroads
Knee Wounds: Enfer Sombre* Fleur Du Mal Tattoo *NEW* @The Chapter Four
Pose: {Imeka} Sits 06

Toiz. Pink lady go to Tokyo gacha *NEW* @Bon Voyage
  • Skybox: Toiz. 8. Pink lady go to Tokyo RARE
  • Toiz. 3. calendar
  • Toiz. 4. passport
 .::Cubic Cherry::. {Sushicute} snow (rezz) *NEW* @Bon Voyage
+Half-Deer+ Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) - Protection *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Sit *NEW* @The Gacha Garden

.random.Matter. - Nerd Haven Gacha
  • .random.Matter. - Nerd Haven - Game Station - Black - RARE
  • .random.Matter. - Nerd Haven - Tri Screen
  • .random.Matter. - Nerd Haven - Comics
  • .random.Matter. - Nerd Haven - Poster [Healer]
Stockholm&Lima:Failed Adulting Coloring Book
MudHoney Piper Cushion Cross
[Cosmic Dust] - The MaxBook Computer - Silver RARE
!APHORISM! Ragdoll Toybox

Aug 14, 2016

I Love Sushi!

Bon Voyage is a brand new event with an international flair. Each round, the event will travel to a new destination and bring you amazing creations from designers around the grid. This round runs from August 7 to September 7 and chose Japan to be the first destination! Check it out:

Skin & Lips: VCO Angie
Hair: Doe: Chlo *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hairbow: CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Oversize Maid Bow / Burgundy *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Ears: CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Neko Ears Dark / RARE *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Choker: CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Neko Cosplay Choker / RARE *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Sushi: .::Cubic Cherry::.{Sushicute} tamago (wear hug) *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Water Bottle: sue cream. sunny water bottle RARE1 *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Nail Polisher: alaskametro<3 "Kimono" nail art appliers *NEW* @Bon Voyage
Dress: {VINCUE} & [CX] Mune+Set - [Maitreya] *NEW* @Bon Voyage

C L A Vv. Takoyaki Stall Gacha *NEW* @Bon Voyage
  • C L A Vv. Takoyaki Stall RARE
  • C L A Vv. Takoyaki Tool & Brush
  • C L A Vv. Tako Filter
  • C L A Vv. Tako-Sauce
  • C L A Vv. Takoyaki
  • C L A Vv. Takoyaki Ingredients Set
  • C L A Vv. Takoyaki Paper Plates
Kitties: +Half-Deer+ Maneki-Neko *NEW* @Bon Voyage

8f8_Chinese Lampion
21,[[RH]] -KURA- WA light *NEW* @The Epiphany 
25,[[RH]] -KURA- FOXY Girls 1 *NEW* @The Epiphany 

Witch's Room

Head: CATWA Dyana
Skin: CURELESS [+]  Morphine (v.3)
Scar: CURELESS [+] Himura Fresh Scar (v.1)
Hair: Blues. Aries
Outfit: FDD *Huntress* Maitreya *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hand Tattoo: Suicide Gurls - Ante bellum - Hand Tattoo 1 UltraRare *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pet: *Drot* - Satan's Little Helper Companion Arcade Exclusive

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizard Room - blogger *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Glass Carafe - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hourglass - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pots - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Shelf with Pots - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Table Candle - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Table Cauldron - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Favorite Wand - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Bookshelf - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Magic Book - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Mirror Ball - COMMON
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Table - RARE
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Chair - RARE
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wizard Broomstick - COMMON
[V/W] Jewelry Box C01 *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Bette and Dot - Black Decor
Birdy - Altar set - Ram skull - natural

[MUDSKIN] Nina (Catwa Applier) & Astralia *NEW*

Head: CATWA Dyana
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Nina#Catwa Mesh Head Applier *NEW*
Lips: [ MUDSKIN ]_Nina's Glossy Plumper#7 *NEW*
Freckles: [ MUDSKIN ]_COCOMA Freckles#Catwa Head Applier *NEW*
Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ]_Glam Eyes *NEW*

Ears: =Kio= Sirens Ear - Half Hearted
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tempest *NEW*
Crown: Astralia - Pearlia crown *NEW* @Collabor88

Aug 7, 2016

Voodoo Girl

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today! To start, I chose one of the gacha sets from LUAS called "Voodoo Girl". The event runs from August 7th to September 7th. Have fun!
Head: CATWA Dyana
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Kylie#S2 *NEW*
Hair: Exile::Memory Bliss
Outfit: Luas Voodoo Girl *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Doll: *BOOM* Mr. Sunshine Doll (old bones)
Owl: *Drot* Spirit Owl - Off-Red *NEW* @The Epiphany 

Background Trees: Skye Windswept Trees Set
OWl tree: JIAN :: Wise Owl's Tree (FLF Jan 1/15)
Deers: JIAN :: White Tail Deer Family
Grass by Alirium

MUDSKIN (Catwa Appliers) *NEWS*

Hello Girls!
Today I'm showing Kim & Kylie skins from MUDSKIN compatible with Catwa mesh heads. The skins are available in 4 tones each. On the pics, I'm wearing their respective lipsticks. The creator also provided a free gift from each skin in store (you need to join the group) and on my pic I'm wearing Pink Acid's "City Girl Liptick", a selection of sexy dark lipsticks. The gift skins from MUDSKIN each come with a nude lipstick. Check it out!
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kylie#S2 + [ MUDSKIN ]_Kylie's Lipgloss *NEW*
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kim#S2 + [ MUDSKIN ]_Kim's Morning Lip *NEW*
Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ]_Glam Eyes *NEW*

Hair (on Kylie): TRUTH HAIR Acadia
Hair (on Kim): Blues. Jade + Blues. Rose Crown - Pink
Head: CATWA Dyana
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Kyile Group Gift Skin(Catwa Applier) FREE (Group Gift)
Lipstick: Pink Acid & Catwa City Girl Lipstick Applier Pink
Hair: Exile::Memory Bliss
Eyepatch: Astralia - Pirate set RARE eyepatch gacha
Necklace: .aisling. 8/ .a. Circe {Thaumaturgy/White} *NEW* @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Safety First

Girl 1 (Floatie)
Head: .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head B Tone
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cerys *NEW*
Necklace: .tsg. SweetHeart Necklace - Pink
Bracelets: ALTAIR* macaron bracelet *NEW* @The Kawaii Project
Bikini: :Moon Amore: Sprinkles Bikini (Fitted) RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany 
Milkshake: :Moon Amore: Milkshake (Berry) *NEW* @The Epiphany 

Girl 2 (Safety)
Head: .tsg. Mizu Mesh Head B Tone
Hair: [LCKY] Taya // Fatpack *NEW* @The Crossroads
Swimsuit: B.C.C  Sea Emma's safety officer-Swimsuit outfit RARE *NEW* @The Epiphany 
Whistle: B.C.C  Sea Emma's safety officer-Whistle A Pink [Non rigged] *NEW* @The Epiphany 
Seahorse: =Zenith=Seahorse (Rose)

Astralia - Backyard pool gacha *NEW* @The Epiphany 
  • Astralia - Backyard pool walkway
  • Astralia - Backyard pool (Animated) PINK RARE
  • Astralia - Backyard pool (animated water balls)
  • Astralia - Backyard pool slider (animated) PINK
  • Astralia - Backyard pool (animated) Double deck pink/yellow
  • Astralia - Backyard pool (Animated) inflatable shark (S) pink
  • Astralia - Backyard pool (Animated) inflatable panda (S) PINK
  • Astralia - Backyard pool floating umbrella (REWARD PRIZE)
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Donut Floatie
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons - All Colors - Group

Aug 6, 2016

Let’s Go to Bed

Head: .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head Vampy
Hair: [DUE] Itano *NEW* @TCF
Headband: .tsg. Tiara Nekomimi
Collar: Sweet Thing Kitten Playtime Pink Sweet Kitten Collar gacha
Nightdress: Sweet Thing. Memoire - Petal (Maitreya) *NEW* @Collabor 88
Powder (on hand): little bones. Powder (animated)
Wand: =Zenith=sweet heart ward
Pose: Imeka "Sits"

House: *Funky*Junk* Imbrie Summer Room 
Bedroom decor: {BunBun} Sugar Sweet *NEW* @The Epiphany 
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Unicorn Cookies and Milk EXCLUSIVE
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Crib RARE
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Twin Bed RARE
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Gold Cloud Lamp
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Gold Mushroom Lamp
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - White Side Table
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - White Dresser
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - White Curtains
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Desk
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Bunny Mirror
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Stool
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Cookie Rug
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Piggybank
  • {BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Picture Frames
[Cosmic Dust] - Her Messy Desk Part Two Gacha *NEW* @The Epiphany 
  • [Cosmic Dust] - The MaxBook Computer - Gold RARE
  • [Cosmic Dust] - Stack of Books
  • [Cosmic Dust] - Shade Magazine
  • [Cosmic Dust] - Lovely Hairbrush - Pink
  • [Cosmic Dust] - Cosmetic Compact  - Pink
Quirky Atomic // Heart Shaped Dreamer // Gacha // Jar Candles *NEW* @The Epiphany 

On bed:
-tres blah- Pampered - Macarons gacha
+Half-Deer+ Meowpaca - Go go go! / Roll Over (Pastel) gacha
Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Plopped (Hentai) gacha
On Desk:
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Keeper of Trinkets RARE gacha
[ keke ] glass vase w magnolias - blush
MishMish - Hammie & Makeup RARE gacha

Vase of roses: Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Les Roses Anges RARE gacha
Bunny: .tsg. Lop Ear Bunny - Brown Patch *MEGA* gacha
Mannequin: [ zerkalo ] True Love - Small Mannequin Dressed gacha
Clock: Fancy Decor: Cut-Out Cuckoo Clock (Whitewash) RARE gacha
Dog Bed: +Half-Deer+ Ribbon Dog Bed - Pink+White
Puppy: Fawny - My little puppy - 14 gacha
Garlands: +Half-Deer+ Crystal Romance Garland (Princess Pink / Gold) *NEW* @Collabor 88
Shelves: [BunBun] DayDream - Vanilla Icecream Shelf / Strawberry Icecream Shelf gacha

Kiss Like a Sailor

Head: .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head A Tone
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Hiroko hair
Outfit: Belle Epoque {Kiss Like a Sailor} Blue *NEW* @The Epiphany
Hat: Belle Epoque {Kiss Like a Sailor} Hat #1 *NEW* @The Epiphany
Toy/Bubbles: Astralia - The fish in the bubble (pack)
Merkitten: MishMish - Siamese Merkitten Companion

Sway's [Tom] Raft (static)
Jian Hillside Orchard :: Cider Jugs (1)
~isil~ Flying Battleship (Royal Zeppelin) RARE gacha
Pink Acid My Baby Seal gacha