Sep 18, 2018

Pink Overload

Head: CATWA Catya
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_YONI # MAKEUP 1_104
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Chantal Shape (CATWA Catya)
Drool: Dirty Secrets ~ Bento Drool HUD v1.0
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Nako 

Mask: .tsg. Slumber Party - Dreamy Bear Mask Cream gacha
Top/Shorts: -Sorumin- Lace Up GACHA - Pink
Slippers: REIGN.- FUZZY SLIPPERS gacha
Milk: *Tentacio* Need a drink? milk gacha
Cake: :::ChicChica::: Petit Four #9 RARE *NEW* @The Arcade
Pose: Lyrium. Summer Bento Pose Set 1 (edited)

LAGOM - Pink overload *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
  • 04 LAGOM - Pink overload [Box]
  • 05 LAGOM - Pink overload [Hanging balls]
  • 02 LAGOM - Pink overload [Backdrop Pink]
  • 06 LAGOM - Pink overload [Table]
  • 07 LAGOM - Pink overload [Wine lamp]
  • 08 LAGOM - Pink overload [Doughnuts]
  • 09 LAGOM - Pink overload [Ciggies]
  • 10 LAGOM - Pink overload [Sugar]
  • 11 LAGOM - Pink overload [RubixCube Pink]
  • 14 LAGOM - Pink overload [Buttons Pink]
  • 17 LAGOM - Pink overload [Chair Pink PG] RARE
{moss&mink} Party Food Pack *NEW* @Uber
  • {moss&mink} Party Food - Smores (Pink)
  • {moss&mink} Party Food - Choc Pretzels (Pink)
  • {moss&mink} Party Food - Popcorn (Pink)
  • {moss&mink} Party Food - Sugar Cookies (Pink)
{moss&mink} Hanging Party Table *NEW* @Uber
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Sitting / Candy
MishMish - Mini Summer Fridge (candy)
+Half-Deer+ Mini Piggy - Sweet Temptations RARE
.Atomic. {Gacha} Alpaca Pal - Cutie RARE
{moss&mink} Unicorn Party - Heart Donuts
{moss&mink} Unicorn Party - Sugar Cookies
[BunBun] DayDream - Vanilla Icecream Shelf gacha
+Half-Deer+ Blanket Clutter - All Colors *NEW* @Collabor88
+Half-Deer+ Pastel Confetti [Set]

Sep 17, 2018

Addicted to Pink #3

Head: CATWA Lona
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Yasmin Shape (CATWA Lona) *NEW*
Skin: [okkbye] dalila: tone003 (catwa)
Lipstick: [LeLuck]Candy Lipsticks Evie *NEW* @Girl Power
Lashes: Wednesday[+] ~ Blooming Eyelashes 
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Charm Eyes *NEW* @Girl Power
Hairbase: E. Vary HUD Yei Hairbase for [Omega]
Hair: Beusy: Dove Hairstyle  *NEW* @Equal 10

Bows/Earrings: NamiiChu ~ Sahris Set *NEW* @Girl Power
Collar:  .tsg. Ribbon Collar - Pink [Rigged]
Dress: BADA--Honey *NEW* @Girl Power
Tart: .SugarBun. Frosted Tarts *NEW* @Girl Power
Pose: BESHA Poses: GACHA *NEW* @Girl Power

LAGOM - Animated Damask wall [Pink]
+Half-Deer+ Super Jumbo Unicorn Plush w/ sits - Rainbow (sleep)
+Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed - Blush Pink (PG)
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Sitting / Candy
{moss&mink} Vanity Table
[BunBun] DayDream - Pink Mirror 
{moss&mink} Vanity seat
{moss&mink} Bench seat
+Half-Deer+ Favorite Sweater Clutter - Blue - Edge
+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter - Stack - Pastel
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Sleepy 1)
{moss&mink} Sweet Retreat - Wardrobe
Dolls by Garbaggio

Best Ice Cream

Girl 1:
Head: CATWA Keme
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_RUDA # BARE_104
Eyes: Go&See * Boo * Catwa Eyes
Lashes: Go&See * Lush * Lashes 1# Tintable
Lips: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier - Cherish You *NEW* @Au Lovely
Hair: {Limerence} Lusy hair-Fatpack *NEW* @Au Lovely
Tiara: e.marie // Crystal Headband *NEW* @Au Lovely
Dress: Mossu - Gabrielle.Dress - Fatpack *NEW* @Au Lovely
Purse: [Black Bantam] Cutie Bow Purse *NEW* @Au Lovely
Ice cream: {Imeka} Italian Ice cream {Color 3 }

Girl 2:
Head: CATWA Keme
Eyes: Go&See * Boo * Catwa Eyes
Lashes: Go&See * Lush * Lashes 1# Tintable
Lips: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier - Cherish You *NEW* @Au Lovely
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Lina hair-Fatpack *NEW* @Au Lovely
Necklace: Cae :: Flores :: Necklace *NEW* @Au Lovely
Dress: ALTAIR* maki dress .pink. *NEW* @Au Lovely
Hot dog: [Black Bantam] Balloon Animal Hot Doggy Hold 2 *NEW* @Au Lovely
Ice cream: {Imeka} yummy Choco Cone -  Ice Cream - Color 5

Kalopsia - Juliette's Ice Cream Cart RARE
.peaches. le petit chariot -  peenk
.peaches. le petit chariot - vintage sign
+Half-Deer+ Life is Sweet - Cone Display (Choco)
+Half-Deer+ Life is Sweet - Stacked Ice Cream Cups
.Atomic. {Gacha} Alpaca Pal - Cutie RARE
DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Balloons / Pink *NEW* @Au Lovely

Sep 16, 2018

Addicted to Pink #2

Head: CATWA Keme
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Akemi Shape (CATWA Keme)
Lashes: Go&See * Lush * Lashes 1# Tintable
Blush: {Moon.Phase} TrypophobiaCheekHeartsV2 *NEW* @Girl Power
Eyes: [SUGARJAM]  " riris eyes " *NEW* @Girl Power
Lips: [LeLuck]Candy Lipstick Evie - Catwa *NEW* @Girl Power
Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Imani - Fatpack+Tint

Dress: -Sorumin- Girl gang RARE *NEW* @Girl Power
Glasses: 08 -Sorumin- Girl gang GACHA -Glasses Pink- *NEW* @Girl Power
Big Bag: <micamee> Stop GO GACHA - My Bag RARE *NEW* @Girl Power
Small bag: <micamee> Stop GO GACHA - Crossbody PomBag - 1 *NEW* @Girl Power
Phone: <micamee> Stop GO GACHA - GoPhone - 1 *NEW* @Girl Power
Food: <micamee> Stop GO GACHA - Hot Creme Cup - 1 *NEW* @Girl Power

House: -Nomi-Late Summer-RARE *NEW* @Girl Power
[Con.] The Convertible - Pink
{what next} Springtime Fence

Sep 15, 2018

Girl Power

Head: CATWA Keme
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Akemi Shape (CATWA Keme)
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_JOY'S VELVET MOOD # In Drama 1
Lashes: Go&See * Lush * Lashes 1# Tintable
Eyes: Avoixs // #PYONG E01 *NEW* @Girl Power
Lips: Avoixs // #PYONG_Lips 3 *NEW* @Girl Power
Blush: {Moon.Phase} TrypophobiaCheekHeartsV2 *NEW* @Girl Power
Hair: {Limerence} Siara hair-September VIP Groupgift

Bindi/Piecing: [Taisce Kio Kio] Moon Love Set *NEW* @Girl Power
Nails: + Demon Spit // Cutie Claws *NEW* @Girl Power
Outfit: {KIUKIU} Sully Outfit FATPACK [maitreya] *NEW* @Girl Power
Choker: *[andromeda]* - WeeWoo Choker - White Pink *NEW* @Girl Power
Garter: *[andromeda]* - WeeWoo Garter - White Pink *NEW* @Girl Power

Pillows: {Moon.Phase} GirlPower_LightPillows *NEW* @Girl Power
Blanket: O.M.E.N - Cozy Blanket & Pillows - Pink
Cat: darkendStare. The Cattening - Moonie (Play) gacha
{moss&mink} Sweet Retreat - Backdrop Pink gacha
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons - All Colors - Group

Sep 14, 2018

The Lonely Hearts Club

Head: CATWA Keme
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_MIA # BARE_104 (CATWA)
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Claire Shape (CATWA Keme) *NEW*
Eyes: Go&See * Boo * Catwa Eyes
Lashes: Go&See * Lush * Lashes 1# Tintable
Lips: Bossie. darlin lipsticks [catwa] *NEW* @Au Lovely
Blush/Freckles: Bossie. darlin highlighters + freckles [catwa] *NEW* @Au Lovely
Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Alma - Fatpack+Tint

Earrings: [Black Bantam] Lolli Heart Earrings *NEW* @The Arcade
Choker: [Black Bantam] Pearl Princess Choker Collar Gold *NEW* @The Arcade
Romper: Luas Sandy Romper Fatpack *NEW* @Au Lovely
Shoes: Garbaggio // Gia Pumps *NEW* @Au Lovely
Lipstick (hold): [Black Bantam] Lonely Heart Lipstick Rose Gold Hold *NEW* @The Arcade
Balloon: [Black Bantam] Bearded Boyfriend Balloon Pink *NEW* @The Arcade

{moss&mink} Felt flower wallpiece
{moss&mink} Tufted ottoman
[Black Bantam] The Lonely Hearts Club *NEW* @The Arcade

  • [Black Bantam] Pink Lion Decor
  • [Black Bantam] Golden Unicorn Cupcake Candle Decor Pink
  • [Black Bantam] Pearls Takeout Box Decor Purple
  • [Black Bantam] Golden Heart Under Lock and Key Decor
  • [Black Bantam] Lonely Hearts Club Ticket Lock Pink

Mutresse-Curious-Shortie Cats *NEW* @The Arcade
[Black Bantam] Bengal Kitten Pose 2 & 3 *NEW* @Vanity Event
Ariskea[Florist] Pink Roses
Ariskea[Florist] Soft Roses
Ariskea[Florist] Bouquet de Roses  RARE
MishMish - Sweet Short Grass 
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines - Pale

Modern Princess

Head: CATWA Keme
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Claire Shape (CATWA Keme) *NEW*
Hair: Opale . Sandra Hair *NEW* @Au Lovely
Lingerie: Moon Elixir - Twilight Garden *NEW* @Au Lovely
Armwarmers: [89Hz] - Rena Lace Arm Warmer [White]*NEW* @Au Lovely
Necklace: .tsg. Madames Pearls - Pink Diamond
Pose: [La Baguette] Bubii poses 1 to 10 w/mirrored version *NEW* @Au Lovely

{moss&mink} Modern Princess *NEW* @The Arcade

  • {moss&mink} Modern Princess - Modern Castle RARE
  • {moss&mink} Modern Princess - Draped Bed Light (Adult)
  • {moss&mink} Modern Princess - Princess Kitty RARE
  • {moss&mink} Modern Princess - Blanket Cart (Light)
  • {moss&mink} Modern Princess - Princess Divider (Light)
  • {moss&mink} Modern Princess - Keepsake Boxes (Light)

{moss&mink} Pod Chair (G)
{moss&mink} Plant - Ficus (White)
Kalopsia - Pastel Morning - Old Mirror
{moss&mink} Sweet Retreat - Backdrop Pink
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Flower Box
{anc} flottante puppy. cream . sitB / withCollar 2Li
{moss&mink} Bench seat

Sep 13, 2018

Au Lovely

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Mariya> *NEW* @Au Lovely
Dress: Violent Seduction - Comtesse *NEW* @Au Lovely
Necklace:  .tsg. Madames Pearls - Pink Diamond
Fan: .tsg. White Lace Hand Fan *NEW* @The Arcade
Parasol: .tsg. White Lace Parasol *RARE* *NEW* @The Arcade

DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party *NEW* @Au Lovely

  • DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Balloons / White
  • DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Bowl of Cherries / White
  • DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Cupcakes / White
  • DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Macarons / White
  • DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Pouring Teapot / White
  • Raindale - Dewberry set (Au Lovely, Sep,10-24)

Raindale - Dewberry *NEW* @Au Lovely

  • Raindale - Dewberry table 
  • Raindale - Dewberry chair with cushion
  • Raindale - Dewberry room divider

+Half-Deer+ Forest Sonata - Mailbox (Light) *NEW* @The Arcade

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world

Head: CATWA Lilly
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Diana Shape (CATWA Lilly)
Skin: [Glam Affair] Malina Applier [ Catwa ] 006 ( 09 ) *NEW* @The Arcade
Lashes: Go&See * Lush * Lashes 1# Tintable
Hair: taketomi - Reina - Fatpack 

Dress: OSMIA - Margaret.Gacha.Dress - Maitreya - RARE *NEW* @The Arcade
Shoes: OSMIA - Margaret.Gacha.Heels - Maitreya - RARE *NEW* @The Arcade
Necklace: OSMIA - Margaret.Gacha - Choker - White *NEW* @The Arcade
Earrings: OSMIA - Margaret.Gacha - Earrings - White *NEW* @The Arcade
Pose: Lyrium. Summer Bento Pose Set 1

Garbaggio – Shoe Addict 3 *NEW* @The Arcade
  • 03. Garbaggio // Shoe Wall - Light (Full) RARE 
  • 10. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Line 2
  • 13. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Trio 2
  • 22. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Nora
  • 20. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Andrea
  • 15. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Malin
Mutresse – Shortie Cats *NEW* @The Arcade
  • Mutresse-Begging-Shortie Cats
  • Mutresse-Peeking-Shortie Cats
  • Mutresse-Left Out-Shortie Cats
[ zerkalo ] True Love - Small Mannequin Dressed
06. Lagom - PinkKink [Mannequin I]
// SEUL \\ - Monster Chair - Princessa
+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Shopaholics - Snow RARE

Master's Pet

Head: LAQ Athena *NEW* @Uber
Shape: ).MYSTERIKA.( Renata Shape (LAQ Athena)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Omega Skin Applier - Peach tone - Eli *NEW* @Girl Power
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Charm~ Bean Eyes *NEW* @Girl Power
Hair: [KRR] Daoko // Hair *NEW* @Girl Power

Lingerie: *Candy Kitten* Sugar sugar set FATPACK *NEW* @Girl Power
Nails: + Demon Spit // Cutie Claws *NEW* @Girl Power
Headband: .tsg. Sugar Forest Headband - Bear Princess - White *RARE*
Cuffs: .tsg. Love Bunny Cuff - White 
Collar: .tsg. Beary Ruffle Collar - White
Anklets: [ bubble ] Ariel Anklets *NEW* @Girl Power
Paddle: darkendStare & ALTAIR* heart paddle .white.
Garter: K{<3}P - Love Garter 
Pose: BESHA Poses: GACHA *NEW* @Girl Power

{moss&mink} Belle Canopy
{moss&mink} Emma Bed - PG
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Laptop [W] gacha
+Half-Deer+ Super Jumbo Unicorn Plush w/ sits - Rainbow (sleep)
{( konpeitou )}* Lunatic*Dream - teddy rabbit old gift
[BunBun] DayDream - Pink Dresser gacha
+Half-Deer+ Slumber Lamp - Cat - Pink
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Candy Box (open) gacha