May 25, 2011

Gift: Summer of Love by LoveCats

Tem um presente novo na LoveCats para meninas e meninos. Aqui estou mostrando o presentinho para as meninas, por motivo óbvio LOL. Beem colorido e psicodélico, ihihi. Vem completinho, incluindo duas formas de uso e sandálias. Coisa para o verão :^) Basta unir-se ao grupo, ativar a tag e aproveitar!
There's a a new group gift at LoveCats for girls and boys. I'm showing the girls' gift for obvious reasons, LOL. Very colorful and psychodelic, it's really for the summer. It comes complete and in two ways of use and pretty sandals. Just join the group, active your tag and enjoy!
Outfit - LoveCats - L$0 - group/tag

Poses - TSM & AppleSpice

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