Jan 13, 2013

Stray Cat

Ah como eu adoro brincar com diferentes estilos *.* Hoje quis um look "gata vira-lata" hihihi. Inicialmente escolhi esse sweater sexy da Sn@tch que vem com appliers para os peitões da Lolas também! Vem em fatpack de 10 cores. Confira este e diversas outras roupas que a Sn@tch já está disponibilizando com appliers para as Lolas, os modelos e texturas nunca decepcionam =D
Ah, e adorei esse sim, Dead End, além de ser enorme, os cidadãos de lá foram super educados e ninguém me incomodou enquanto eu tirava as fotos ^.^ E vamos aos créditos... 

Oh, how I love playing with different styles *.* Today I want something grunge, and them I started throwing cat stuff on the look and here I am, a true stray cat wandering on a dirty street U.U First, I chose the smexy Slander Cropped Sweater by Sn@tch which comes in fatpack of 10 colors AND appliers for Lolas tango =D More dresses/blouses/outfits with Lolas appliers can be found at Sn@tch and I'm really happy 'cause Ivey's textures and designs really rock *0*
Well, that's it, love the items and also this cool sim called Dead End with polite citizens that didn't annoyed my while I was taking my pics on the streets ^.^
Skin: Curio
Cabelo / Hair: *Dura-Girl*32
Sweater: :::Sn@tch Slander Cropped Sweaters::: *NEW*
Saia / Skirt: Ducknipple "Mesh:Leather BeltSkirt"
Botas / Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic - Black
Meias / Tights: Izzie's - Patterned Tights II "Torn"

Orelhas / Ears: [MI] Cat-Person Parts - Black
Gatinhos / Kittens: [Pink Fuel] Bandaged Kitten- Pink Eye
Unhas / Nails: ...::: Scrub :::..I want It

Location: Dead End


  1. Ain obrigada Yume =D

    (Eu ainda acho que eu deveria ter usado um rabo de gato hihihi)