Jan 13, 2013


Gang/Cold lançou esse tênis unisex maneiro que também vem com uma HUD incluindo 9 cores para o tênis e 3 cores para as tachinhas (que também dá pra ocultar), tudo por um único preço pra simplificar nossa escolha. Ah, e é mesh.
Gang/Cold release these coooool unisex sneakers that also comes with HUD including 9 colors for shoes and 3 colors for studs (that you can hide as well), all for one price. Oh, and it's mesh.
I put some other pieces together and created a new look, check it out!
*Ai como eu queria que esse cabelo da finada [69], hoje Eaterscoma (ou algo do estilo) fosse mesh, deu um trabalho achar uma pose aqui U.U

*Oh how I wished this hair from old [69] a.k.a Eaterscoma (or whatever it's called) was mesh, it's always a headache to find good poses for this kind of prim-hair-that-sinks-on-the-boobies.
Skin: Al Vulo "Chantal" <3
Cabelo / Hair: [ 69 ] SMINA - Silver Collection (not available)
Top & Cardigan: Ducknipple "Mesh: Off-Shoulder Vest"
Jeans: [Foppish]Ankle Crop Skinny-{White}
Sapatos / Sneakers: (Gang/Cold) Badboy`s Sneakers UNISEX 9 colors HUD *NEW*

Chapeu & Cachecol / Hat & Scarf: =:Meow:= Cute Neko Hat and Scarf with fur (WHITE)
Orelhas / Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears:

Location: Cupcakes


  1. I had to go check out those Sprite ears because I love the cute little curl upwards that they make. Then I saw Siyu Suen of Illusions just created a beautiful mask that I think you would look lovely in! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Illusions-Curiata-Mask/4391058

    Please do a look with that if you would be so kind! <3

  2. Yeah I saw people using these ears and they're so pretty and fun, and when I realize it is resized via HUD, I imediately acquired it =D

    The mask looks lovely but at this time I don't have any cloth to go with it :( But I'll keep your suggestion ;]