Jun 4, 2012

SVPAP Project Rescue

"SVPAP Project rescue" é um evento (1º a 22 de Junho) destinado a coletar fundos para a "Society Protective Valencian of Animals and Plants", entidade esta que abriga mais de 500 animais entre cães e gatos. Eis um look rápido com alguns itens que podem ser encontrados no evento.
"SVPAP Project rescue" it is an event (Starts June 1 - Ends June 22) thought to collect money for the Society Protective Valencian of Animals and Plants. This protector that welcomes in the moment 500 animals in its center between dogs and cats, is spending now one of the most critical situations of its history. Here's a quick look with some of the items that can be found in this event.
Top - Izzie's @ SVPAP Project Rescue
Jeans - MDL @ SVPAP Project Rescue
Colar / Necklace - MDL @ SVPAP Project Rescue
Bolsa / Bag - Anymore @ SVPAP Project Rescue

Skin - Curio
Botas / Boots (MESH!)- Crazy "Veracruz Boots"

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