Jun 20, 2012

Mmm.... Watermelon!

Não resisti e tive que pegar essas melancias *.* Ainda tive sorte e achei este maiô lindo da [SAKIDE] na cor verde, e ainda por cima FREE - prêmio da caçada TOSL 2nd Bday e não vem só na cor verde não, vem lavanda, rosa e azul também!
O colar bem cara de verão é lançamento da Maxi Gossamer, dá pra mudar as cores via menu. Confira!
I couldn't resist these watermelons *.* I was lucky and found this beautiful swimsuit by [SAKIDE] in green and the best part: it's FREE! This is the hunt prize for the TOSL 2nd Bday hunt and it also comes in 3 more colors (pink, lavender and blue). Hurry and get yours!
The necklace with shell pendant is one of the news by Maxi Gossamer, it's scripted so you can choose between other colors. Check it out!
Skin - Filthy - FREE - Group/Tag (fee to join)
Maiô / Swimsuit - [ SAKIDE ] Lasting Stripes Swimsuits - FREE - TOSL2B Hunt
Colar / Necklace - Maxi Gossamer "Necklace Shell Teardrop" *NEW*
Melancia na Cabeça / Watermelon Hat - * yoyo9 * @ Midnight Summer Dream
Melancia na Mão / Watermelon on Hand - +9 summer - FREE - (caixa no chão / box on the floor)
Pose - Focus Poses

Location: Happymood

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