May 1, 2016


Head: CATWA Jessica
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Gaby Skin Peach tone *NEW* @SaNaRae
Hair: .Entwined. Alison
Outfit & Accessories: Astralia - Undersea (Ariel) Complete set *NEW* @The Epiphany
Pose: ).MYSTERIKA.( Laying Pretty Pose (edited)

{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red[A]1Li gacha
{anc} forest lantern. 1lantern floating (C) 1Li {vintage copper gacha
:[P]:- Seashell [2]:// Swirly
:[P]:- Starfish:// Chubby


  1. your pictures are always so stunning <3 Do you make your own scenes or are you just also amazing at finding cute places?

    1. Hi Lili! I'm so glad you like my pictures *-* Yes, I make my own scenes. Since I changed to a limited internet plan I need to save data (each time we teleport, it consumes more data because the cache is being loaded again, so I really need to avoid teleporting), so I rarely leave my platform, hehe. It's easier for me to create the whole scene (when I have time and inspiration, I sketch the idea on a piece of paper - I love drawing - so it makes things easier too).

      I wish I could visit some beautiful SL locations, but this way I'd spend too much internet data. Besides doing all the dress up thing, I learned to enjoy creating the scenes as well *w*

    2. Wow that's amazing I'm always so impressed with your pictures :D I wish I could even make a tenth of a scene as amazing as yours. I get so excited when I see your posts <3 If I could share my internet data with you I would :( having limitations truly sucks

    3. Haha yes! Someone told me the same, if she could, she would share internet data with me i.i
      I used to enjoy visiting SL locations a lot, and I still miss it. So the only thing I could do was taking pics on the empty background, but I'm not good at it LOL
      When I started decoration, since I didn't knew much about good home and garden stores, I had
      my friends Lila Clemenceau and Dyana Rain to rez decor items for me in the ground, until I could buy some decent ones.