Apr 29, 2012

Delirium Style: Lucky Board Look #1

Tem prêmios novos nas Lucky Boards da Delirium Style, conjuntos completos para homens e mulheres *.* Consegui contar uns 6 prêmios femininos, todos muito estilosos como sempre. Este vem completinho incluindo as botas. Aproveite!
There are new prizes at the Lucky Boards from Delirium Style, complete outfits for men and women *.* I could count 6 female prizes, all of them very stylish. This ones is complete, boots are included. Check it out!
Conjunto Completo / Complete Outfit - Delirium Style "Chemistry" - FREE - Lucky Board

Cabelo / Hair - Dura "Girl 30"
Colar / Necklace - Hebenon Vial
Unhas & Aneis / Nails & Rings - ...:::Scrub:::... Quetzalcoatl Nails & Rings *NEW*
Poses - Purple Poses


  1. Okay, your shapes are all SO ADORABLE! They are pouty, proportionate, petite, and cute! Where do you get your shapes or are they custom?

  2. Aww ty for you comment! *.* I make my own shape - actually it's my addiction making shapes >.< - I'm seriously thinking about putting them on marketplace, I'll inform here when I better organize things :)

  3. If I asked you for a custom shape would you maybe make one for me? And, if you would, how much might you charge for one? Cause, I'm looking through your blog...and I like nearly every one of them.

  4. Yes.
    I'd charge L$449 per shape. I'm recycling some shapes and organizing them better to put on marketplace =D