Feb 21, 2012


Bonita é uma das novas skins da Izzie's, ela está disponível em 4 tons de pele. A skin base não tem maquiagem, vem apenas com ou sem cleavage, sardas ou dois tons de sombrancelhas. As maquiagens (batons e sombras) vem em tattoo layer, 10 de cada um, assim há maior liberdade para misturar os makes. Confira!
Bonita is one of the newest skins by Izzie's, she's available in 4 skins tones. The base skin doesn't have make-up, it only comes with or without cleavage/freckles and two eyebrow color options. The make-ups (lipsticks and eyeshadows) come in tattoo layer, 10 of each, so you'll have freedoom to mix and match the make-ups. Check it out!
Skin - Izzie's "Bonita" *NEW*

Lingerie - *MonCheri* Sweetheart Lingerie *NEW*
Cabelo / Hair - Elikatira "Abbey"
Poses - Purple Poses


  1. hi dear, nice post
    my look is with all of your ideas!
    Can you tell me where to find these green eyes? still do i not have these.
    thanks and hugs, and congratulations for the blog, everything here is always beautiful =D

  2. Hi Patricien!

    These eyes are by .ID.Insufferable Dastard (Mirror Eyes Blue/Green) my favorite so far *-*


    Thank you very much for visiting! <3