Oct 16, 2011


Dentre os lançamentos da Angelic Lefevre, agora destaco esta lingerie bem romântica e com texturas perfeitas. O conjunto acompanha brincos delicados e você o encontra em 6 cores ao todo.
From all the latest releases by Angelic Lefevre, today I'll show you this pretty and romantic lingerie with perfect textures and details (pair of earrings also included). It is available in 6 colors on total. Enjoy!
Lingerie - **Angelic Lefevre Couture** " Angely - Champagne" *NEW*
Cabelo / Hair -^;^CaTwA^;^ Caron HairStyle *NEW*
Colar / Necklace - Izzie's
Sapatos / Shoes - N-Core "Coquette"
Poses - Olive Juice