Review Policy

Since SL is very time and internet consuming and I have stuff to focus in RL as well, I reserve the right to blog only  things that I REALLY like.

I am an active blogger. I've been a blogger for almost 6 years. If I see the sponsor/event doesn't give a sh*t to their bloggers and don't provide review copies, I will leave the group without prior advice. When I become a blogger for a brand I agree with all the rules, I'm active, I try to do the best I can, I fill my blogging reports on time... but I find really disrespectful when a designer refuses to provide review copies for their selected team of dedicated bloggers. These bloggers were carefully selected, they deserve to be trusted. No, it's not for "the free stuff". Listen, they're not free at all! A designer will provide us bloggers with their amazing creations and we bloggers will pay them back with advertisment. Simple as that. I won't wear your items to party around the SL. No, I don't have time for this, I don't even have time to enjoy the looks I make because I'll have another one to be blogged next. I don't play SL anymore. I only log here to take my pictures. It's terapeutical and what makes me really happy.

Gabriella Marshdevil