About & Review Policy

My account Gabriella Marshdevil was born in 2010 and few months later (in December 2010) I created this blog. The idea came after I saw a couple of freebie blogs. I was baffled. Also,  my inventory was plenty of landmarks from stores that were giving gifts, and I always loved taking pictures...so I think that uploading the pics to a public website could be useful and easier to share with others all the stuff I found interesting.

The name of the blog born in my mind after a template I found of Cinderella's carriage. So I tought: "Why not?" After all, can you think of a Disney princess more fashionable than her? She even tried to make her own ballroom dress x)

I made the whole thing alone, but I was lucky enough to find amazing people around the way, very nice people to help me. I want to leave a special thank you to these amazing bloggers and friends that helped me A LOT with their tips and patience (because I complain A LOT, about everything, lol), without you, I wouldn't be here: Lila Clemenceau, Selena Mortmagus, Yume Cluny.
I'm also grateful to the amazing followers and designers that have supported me all this time. 

Gabriella Marshdevil

REVIEW POLICY: Quality comes first, I won't disappoint. I only blog things that matches my style (kawaii, doll, fantasy, classy). My photos are not super artistic and I like to focus on items, so I prefer clean poses and soft editing. I blog decor too.

*Grammar sux, I know. But it was worse before I started playing SL :p